Defeating Uganda will not be easy, says Senegal coach Aliou Cisse

first_imgCisse anticipates a tough game against the Cranes on Friday.The Uganda Cranes have won over neutrals at the on-going 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, with their fearless brand of football.The side now looks nothing like the one which played conservatively on their way to a group stage elimination in Gabon 2017.Despite the core of that very team that finished bottom of their group, still starting, they managed to reach the last 16 after winning one and drawing the other of their three games.As a reward for their showings so far, they were handed a task of trying to shock the football world and eliminate Senegal from the competition when the two sides face off on Friday.As tough as it may seem, the fearless Cranes will most definitely try and give a good account of themselves, something that is a concern to Senegal head coach Aliou Cisse.“No one should take the Ugandan team for granted and I will tell my players that because facing them is not an easy task, Cisse noted.“We need to make sure we prepare well to face Uganda because they have showed since the tournament started that they are here on a serious mission.“Now its direct elimination, it will be hard, the Ugandan team are the team who have lost the least in the last few years.”True to Cisse’s word, the senior Cranes side has lost only three competitive games since February 2017.In that period, the Cranes lost 0-1 to Egypt in a World Cup qualifier, went down 0-3 in an AFCON qualifier against Tanzania and once again lost 0-2 to Egypt last Sunday.Uganda and Senegal have faced off three times since 2012. Their most recent encounter came in a friendly two years ago, one that Cisse still remembers.The last time the two nations faced off saw a 0-0 result.“We played a friendly against them before the world cup and drew 0-0. Continued the former Lions of Teranga captain.“Everyone said that they were a little team that we should have beaten but I was quick to object as I told them that they were a team who are progressing.”Senegal are one of the pre-tournament favourites to win the 2019 AFCON but have struggled to some point.As they progressed through their group, they lost miserably to Algeria in a game that they failed to get started.However, their other two games resulted in two wins, both coming against Uganda’s East African neighbours. Senegal defeated Tanzania 2-0 and then Kenya 3-0 to finish second in Group C.The game against Uganda will be played at the Cairo International Airport on Friday night.Comments Tags: AFCON 2019Aliuo CisseEgyptGroup AGroup CtopUganda Craneslast_img read more

Raiders 45, Browns 42: Jon Gruden and Co. use OT for dramatic 1st win

first_imgClick HERE if you’re having trouble viewing the gallery on your mobile device.OAKLAND — The Raiders were dead, if their recent second-half collapses were any indication how this one would go.Their $125 million quarterback blew two drives with interceptions deep in Browns territory. The Raiders trailed by 14 to the former laughingstock of the NFL, and they looked primed to replace the Browns as the joke of the league after Sunday’s game. Not to mention, they lost a six-point …last_img read more

Dynamic Solar System Illuminated in Stunning New Images

first_imgImages both striking and beautiful continue to arrive on Earth from remote corners of the solar system.  Arriving as streams of binary digits with energies mere quadrillionths of a watt, received by giant radio dishes then amplified and processed, the results are nothing short of amazing.  Here’s a glimpse of what turned up this week:Volcanic fury:  Imagine a volcano going off in Texas and covering the entire state with ash.  That’s what happens often on a moon of Jupiter, Io, not much bigger than our moon.  The New Horizons spacecraft is approaching Jupiter on its express ticket to Pluto.  Seven years ago, the Galileo spacecraft snapped amazing pictures of one of Io’s active volcanoes, Tvashtar Catena (see Planetary Photojournal), with fire fountains, lava lakes up to 2400 °F, and plumes a mile high.  Not much has changed.  New Horizons snapped these images (see BBC News) of the plume still spouting 150 miles above the surface.  The caption states, “The volcano … is surrounded by a dark patch the size of Texas consisting of the fallout from the eruption.”Glory rings:  The Cassini spacecraft assembled its data bits into some of the most stunning images of Saturn’s rings yet seen since its arrival in 2004.  Now riding high over Saturn during its “180 Transfer” maneuver, it looked up at the dark side of the rings, capturing the entire ring system in a mosaic of 36 images.  The primary mosaic exposed for the dark rings makes the planet blindingly bright, so image processors digitally removed Saturn for this ring composite of 27 images, taken from a million miles above Saturn at 60° inclination.  Browsing the image at high resolution reveals the clumpy F ring beyond the bright main rings.  Studies have shown the “shepherd moons” Pandora and Prometheus stealing material from the rings as they move nearer then farther from the band of orbiting ice.  Saturn’s rings are turning out to be much more dynamic and complex than previously realized.  A movie of Cassini’s ring plane crossing was posted to add a bit of a thrill ride to visitors.  It really gives a sense of how thin the rings are compared to their breadth.Titan dune buggy:  The latest radar images from Titan (T25, Feb 22) clarified some previously-known wonders.  Image no. PIA09181 shows some of the icy sand dunes in stark relief.  A newly released slide presentation by Ralph Lorenz (Johns Hopkins U) explains current thinking about these dunes, what they are made of, and how they form and move.  About 20% of Titan’s surface is covered in these dunes.  They exist primarily at equatorial latitudes and rise up to 100 meters high.  The presentation shows analogies with Earth sand dunes and says Titan’s dunes can form in about 1,000 years.  Material from methane rain runoff or from particles drifting down from the atmosphere are most likely candidates for the “sand” grains.  The estimated energy of Titan’s winds sets constraints on the size and mass of the particles.  One scientist counted 10,000 individual dunes on Titan—don’t ask her how or why.  You might ask her, though, “watch a dune?”Titan great lakes:  Investors might want to snatch up the prime lakefront property in Titan’s northern latitudes, as seen in this stunning radar image from the T25 flyby on Feb. 22.  The island shown (see this zoom image) is estimated to be the size of the big island of Hawaii.  If the dark area is indeed liquid methane or ethane, it appears to be deepest in the upper part and shallower near the island.  Finding possible lakes on Titan was exciting, but the amount falls far short of pre-Cassini predictions.Saturn gallery:  For more ooh-ahh pictures of Saturn taken recently by Cassini’s cameras, visit the Imaging Science album.Ol’ Sol has soul:  A new twin mission called STEREO is taking awe-inspiring new images of the sun (see National Geographic News).  The top image needs no drum roll.  Images like this can help scientists predict solar radiation risks for future astronauts on missions to the moon and Mars (see ICR article on space hazards).In other space news, Rosetta just passed Mars (see Astronomy Picture of the Day) on its way to a comet 7 more years from now.  The European Space Agency’s Mars Express and Venus Express are still in operation, and the USA’s Messenger is on the way to Mercury (ESA just approved a Mercury mission, also).  JPL’s Mars program is still in high gear with two rovers and two orbiters hard at work.  And Cassini has over a year of its prime mission left with a probable two- or three-year extended mission – maybe even longer, if all continues to function.  In short, lots of great space science still ahead.Aren’t these great days to be alive?  Each data bit coming into the giant dishes of the Deep Space Network is a treasure that scientists in earlier times would have died for.  Let’s gather it safely and not let our gold get molded into graven images for idols.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Three women tell of their triumph

first_imgGiving up is not an option for Siphiwe Mazoro, a single mother from Zimbabwe.August in South Africa is Women’s Month. It is a time to reflect on how far the country has come in terms of equality, and how far it still has to go. Women’s Day, on 9 August, is held to commemorate the Women’s March in protest against the pass laws.On 9 August 1956, more than 20 000 South African women of all races staged a march on the Union Buildings to protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act of 1950, commonly referred to as the “pass laws”. The march was led by Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams.To mark the occasion, three women from varying backgrounds speak about their lives to show their resilience: Siphiwe Mazoro from Zimbabwe; Ivy Kgowa from Tembisa; and Nelly Tshabalala from KwaZulu-Natal.SURVIVING ABUSEMazoro, a hairdresser at a salon Hillbrow in downtown Johannesburg, came to South Africa in 2014 in search of greener pastures following her divorce from an abusive husband.“I had to leave,” she said. “It was getting too dangerous for me and my children. I packed up and left my three kids with my mom and headed for South Africa to get a new lease on life.”Mazoro had learned to work with hair as a young girl, when she did her friends’ and family’s hair. This ability has given her a means of earning a living in South Africa.“I left school after Grade 11 and this skill is what I use to put food on my family’s table,” said Mazoro.Mazoro wants to let women know that giving up is never the option as a mother.“As women, we are able to handle things men could never handle. We just need to keep going over the hurdles life throws because as women and mothers it’s not about us but about the people who look at us for inspiration – our children,” she said.She was working towards having her own salon soon, as she had a passion for hairdressing, said the Zimbabwean immigrant.GRANT MONEY NOT ENOUGHIvy Kgowa believes in not sitting around as a mother but going out there to find opportunities.Kgowa, a 35-year-old from Tembisa, is originally from Bochum in Limpopo, and is a mother of two. She is interning at the Department of Education in Braamfontein, in Johannesburg.“I am an intern here at the Department of Education and I live with my mother and kids. It is difficult having kids and not being able to support them,” she said.“As a single mother I know the grant money does not go far and I want to do better for my children.”Her drive comes from not wanting to depend on grants, Kgowa explained. “I want to wake up as a mother and go do well for my kids. That is my inspiration.”Kgowa’s message to women is to not just sit and mope.“Read more and go out in search of those opportunities that will give you a better life. We are not our circumstances.”FROM SWEET SELLER TO TEACHERTshabalala left KwaZulu-Natal in 1999 and came to Johannesburg in search of a better future.With three children to raise, she opened a public phone booth, where she also sold sweets and cigarettes.“I had to put food on the table while also studying for my diploma in teaching. How I survived it, I don’t know,” she said.Tshabalala was able to put her two older children through school before she became a qualified teacher, which she regards as her greatest achievement.“If I had relied only on government help I would not be where I am today. Your circumstances should not define you. We are women; we know how to bare pain and show resilience. Happy Women’s Month,” she said.last_img read more

Caregiving – Just Not Enough Time

first_imgPutting objectives in their place was a suggestion from another caregiver. She has special places for things like her purse, keys, medicines, medical folder, phone numbers, pass words for websites, etc. This way she spends less time searching for items. I discovered that I was wasting time looking for things so I am attempting to declutter, organize and to put things away where they belong. I realize this isn’t easy but taking the time to do it now will save me time in the long run. I guess I’ll have to add this to my “to do” list. Be realistic about what I can and can’t do. This includes saying no to requests from others for things I know I can’t do or don’t want to do (including requests from other family members). I have a tendency to underestimate how much time it takes to get things done and then become stressed. So I am trying to be more realistic about how much time it takes to do things and to only do the things that are high priorities.Be aware of distractions—this is a hard one. If I hear my phone ping I’m off to see who texted me and then end up spending time looking at messages or postings on Facebook. This can be a time waster. Take a few minutes and think about what distraction might be your time waster and how you can take control of it. One way I take control of my phone is to turn off the sound and then look at it only a couple of times a day. Spend some time thinking about your time wasters.I’ve shared a couple strategies to manage your time and I hope they are helpful to you. I’m hoping many of you will share your time wasters and how you have taken control of them. Also please share tricks or tips you have for saving time. I know I’d like to learn other ways to use my time better.This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on September 25, 2015. Blog post written by Mary Brintnall-Peterson, Ph.D., MBP Consulting, LLC, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-ExtensionCaregiving is only one part of my life and at times the other parts of my life need attention or should I say demand my time. As a caregiver, I just don’t seem to have enough time to get everything done. It’s like being on a treadmill or going round and round on a hamster wheel in a cage. So what can I do? The reality is that there are only 24 hours in a day and I do need to take some time for myself or I’m not good for anything or anyone. That means I need to get sleep every night, spend time exercising and do enjoyable things.I’m more energized when I do things I like such as read a book for a few minutes, watch my favorite TV show or take a bubble bath. Being energized enables me to get a lot more done in a shorter period of time. When I take care of myself I’m more positive which helps me deal with the unexpected or difficult things that the day may bring. In reading lots of different time management articles and books, the following strategies are the ones most helpful to me.Keep a log for a few days to see exactly where your time is spent. You may be surprised to find out how efficient you are but you might also discover some time wasters. You’ll also note how often you are multi-tasking. I found preparing dinner includes much more than fixing the meal—it includes unloading the dishwasher, reading the mail or Facebook, and talking with my spouse or children.center_img Use a “to do” list. I love to mark off completed tasks on my “to do” list. Sometimes I put things on it that I know I can mark off right away. It makes me feel better and gives me a sense of accomplishment to see all those marked off items. Another trick I use with my “to do” list is to identify which items are most critical to do versus those that would be nice to do. This way I can focus on the most important items first. Sometimes I find an item on my list that is large and has multiple steps. I play games with myself and list each step as a “to do” task. This helps me see that I’m making progress on completing the larger task.last_img read more

Kin of deceased patient assaults junior doctor onduty nursing staff

first_imgKolkata: Tension ran high at Imambara Sadar Hospital in Hooghly after the family members of a boy, who died of alleged medical negligence, beat up a junior doctor and heckled some on-duty nursing staff.Hospital authorities registered a complaint at the local police station. The family members of the victim later withdrew their complaint of negligence and sought an unconditional apology from the doctor, whom they manhandled earlier on the day. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaThose who attacked the junior doctor and nurses evaded arrest by seeking the apology. The incident triggered panic among other patients, who were admitted to the hospital. The patient, Suvam Paswan, (7), was shifted to Imambara Sadar Hospital from Chandannagar Sub-divisional hospital on Saturday as he faced some acute problem while passing urine. Family members of the victim alleged that the patient was left unattended for a long time. They informed the matter to the Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayon-duty nursing staff, who told them that the doctor will attend the patient later. The patient eventually died at the hospital late Saturday night. As the news of his death reached the family members of the patient, they staged a protest inside the hospital alleging negligence on the part of the hospital. They beat up a junior doctor and some of the nursing staff who came to the rescue the junior doctor were also heckled by the irate mob. Hospital authorities informed the matter to the local police station. The police reached the spot and brought the situation under control. Hospital authorities lodged a complaint with the police. Apprehending arrest, family members, who attacked the doctor and nursing later tendered an apology from the doctor following which the police complaint was withdrawn. Hospital authorities claimed that the patient was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition.last_img read more

Bob Woodruffs Stand Up For Heroes Raises 3 Million

first_imgStand Up for Heroes, the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s (BWF) annual benefit event and the kickoff for the New York Comedy Festival, on Nov. 8, 2012, brought together celebrities, service members and their families for a night of laughter and performances from A-list musicians and comedians, as well as wounded veterans, to raise funds for programs that the Bob Woodruff Foundation helps support.Roger Waters performs with wounded veterans from MusiCorps as part of the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s 6th Annual Stand Up for Heroes event The proceeds from the sixth annual event, more than $3 million—bringing to $13 million the total funds raised for all Stand Up for Heroes benefits—will benefit organizations across the country vetted by the Bob Woodruff Foundation for their effectiveness and success.In addition, BWF is now joining the GivingTuesday initiative in order to continue the momentum from the amazingly successful Stand Up for Heroes benefit, which will allow the foundation to fundraise via micro-donations and activating its social media constituency.“We are thrilled with the results from Stand Up for Heroes—the generosity of spirit exhibited that evening from all the honored guests, performers and supporters is quite humbling,” said Bob Woodruff, co-founder, the Bob Woodruff Foundation. “And now with #GivingTuesday, we’re excited to see the spirit of the holiday season kick off in such a charitable way.”For the first time ever this year, the Stand Up for Heroes event was live streamed on YouTube—with performances by Bruce Springsteen (who was joined by his wife, Pattie Scialfa, for one song); John Mayer, who performed an instrumental version of the Beatles’ “Long and Winding Road” on an electric guitar; Roger Waters, who took to the stage with a band of service members. Specifically for this event, Waters enlisted warriors from an organization the Bob Woodruff Foundation funds, the rehabilitation program MusiCorps—along with help from MusiCorps’ founder Arthur Bloom. MusiCorps operates out of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.Comedians who took the stage for this year’s 6th annual Stand Up for Heroes event included Mike Birbiglia, Ricky Gervais, Patton Oswalt, Jon Stewart and Robin Williams.The musical acts, as well as performances by the service members and interviews with celebrities in attendance, are still viewable on Donations can be made on the site, as well, at, or by texting “BWF” to 50555 to donate $10. Follow the Bob Woodruff Foundation on Twitter @ReMIND and take action by participating in the #GivingTuesday movement this season on Nov. 27, 2012.#GivingTuesday is a movement to celebrate and provide incentives to give, culminating with a national day of giving on Nov. 27, 2012. The effort harnesses the American spirit and collective power of a unique blend of partners—charities, families, businesses and individuals—to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season.#GivingTuesday will leverage the power of social media to create a better world. In addition to the Bob Woodruff Foundation, founding partners include Blackbaud, the Case Foundation, charity:water, Darden Restaurant Group,, Global Giving, Groupon, Kiva, Mashable, Unilever, United Nations Foundation, United Way and VentureThree Capital.last_img read more