Raiders 45, Browns 42: Jon Gruden and Co. use OT for dramatic 1st win

first_imgClick HERE if you’re having trouble viewing the gallery on your mobile device.OAKLAND — The Raiders were dead, if their recent second-half collapses were any indication how this one would go.Their $125 million quarterback blew two drives with interceptions deep in Browns territory. The Raiders trailed by 14 to the former laughingstock of the NFL, and they looked primed to replace the Browns as the joke of the league after Sunday’s game. Not to mention, they lost a six-point …last_img read more

Safer community saving with locally designed stokvel app

first_imgYethu is a new locally developed app that helps make community stokvel saving safer and easier.Stokvel informal saving systems involve communities pooling money to empower them with greater purchasing power, for the greater good of the community. (Image: Pixabay CC0 Public Domain)CD AndersonYethu, a new mobile app designed to make community stokvel saving more secure and more transparent, has been created by a group of young innovators, community leaders and mobile banking experts.What are stokvels?Stokvels are invitation only clubs of twelve of more people serving as rotating credit unions or saving scheme in South Africa where members contribute fixed sums of money to a central fund on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Monies collected are often used for funerals, community celebrations, to finance education for young people, or even for group investment schemes.Historically, stokvels were created by low-income communities that were often excluded from traditional banking systems. Stokvels are still very much a way of life for many rural  and township communities  across South Africa which have limited access to banking services..Andile Mazwai, the chief executive of the National Association of Stokvels of South Africa (Nassa), reported in 2016 that there are approximately 11.5 million individuals who participate in stokvels with an estimate R45 billion collected in any given year, and that is typically the same amount of money which is saved in any given year.That’s what the Yethu app aims to solve.Based on an idea by Tuskan Owen-Thomas and Sebastian Daniels, two business students at the University of Cape Town, the development of the app involved input from mobile banking experts and interface designers, as well as, with community stokvel managers themselves, to create a streamlined, easy-to-use management system.A unique aspect of the app is that it doesn’t require the latest smartphone technology to use. It is easily adaptable to older or low-priced mobile devices.Speaking to Huffington Post South Africa, Owen-Thomas emphasised the importance of getting on-the-ground guidance in developing the app:“We spend a lot of time researching what to do, how it works, getting a lot of feedback. We’re still learning. Meeting with groups and finding out new things. I think there are a lot of people trying to get into the stokvel market, but they are trying it from an ivory tower approach. It’s an ongoing process. We meet new people, find new issues and then mould the product as we go. It’s never really finished.”Secure, transparent, accountableYethu operations manager Nosiphelo Mnyani spoke about the benefits of the app for the community to News24: “Stokvels are completely based on trust and this creates loopholes for fraud and theft. We aim to give stokvel members the security, transparency and accountability which didn’t exist previously.  We also want to give the (stokvel) leader a management tool that allows them to be more accurate, gain more interest and increase their trust.”Yethu, a diverse group of young community leaders, stokvel specialists, designers and mobile banking experts, has created a community saving app that is safe, secure and easy to use. (Image: Yethu website)Mismanagement and fraud as a result of lack of information defeats the spirit of the stokvels, says Daniels, adding that Yethu aims to “improve the financial education of the members so that they are well informed of the potential risks the current arrangements have, and also presenting them with an alternative which they can use to continue keeping their funds in the stokvels, but more securely”.The app was launched in 2016 at a presentation to stokvel groups in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. The Yethu group, supported by the Allan Gray investment firm, is visiting communities around the country, demonstrating the app’s ease-of-use and peace of mind. And, so far, reaction has been positive.Daniels outlined the road ahead: “Our (current) goal is to get between 10-20 stokvel groups (roughly 150-300 people altogether) on the system to really get it strong.” While working out the kinks in the app, with assistance from users, Yethu hopes to build up to 1,000 groups on the system by the end of the year.In response to the Yethu app, Nassa has welcomed any move to effectively secure and manage the funds of its members. It hopes that a more secure saving system will give stokvel communities more confidence in long-term investments that will benefit communities.For more information on the Yethu app, visit the group’s website.Source: News24, Huffington Post South Africa, Yethu websiteWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Censorship in China: How ReadWriteWeb China Was Closed Down For a Month

first_imgTags:#Ai Weiwei Event#conferences#international#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting In the West, the concept of the ‘read/write Web’ is a relatively easy one to get behind. Everybody can contribute content to the Web (‘write’), as well as read it – it’s a very democratic notion.However in countries where democracy doesn’t prevail, the read/write Web is often subject to censorship rules. Indeed in December, ReadWriteWeb China was off the air due to the temporary closure of our syndication partners Yeeyan. In this post we look at how and why that happened.The Global Times recently published a special report about censorship in China. It is an illuminating analysis of a number of publishers who have been censored or who self-censor themselves in order to survive. On March 15, ReadWriteWeb founder Richard MacManus will participate in a special event at the Paley Center in New York City: a conversation with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey about digital activism in China.According to Wikipedia, Internet censorship in China is “conducted under a wide variety of laws and administrative regulations.” In particular China looks to censor political or social content. In mid-2009 a number of prominent Western social networking sites were blocked in China, including Facebook and Twitter. Western media speculated that the bans were put in place to prevent activists from using social networks to organize themselves – which happened in Iran in June of 2009, when Iranian election protesters used Twitter to call attention to their cause.Self-censorshipInside China, self-censorship is practiced by many web publishers in order to prevent trouble. “Self-censorship is the rule of survival that prevents popular websites from being shut down,” said veteran web developer Zoe Wang in The Global Times. However, self-censorship is difficult to do in practice – because it’s not regulated by a single authority and so there are a lack of clear rules on what to censor. Web publishers in China are never sure what could get their site shut down. On sites driven by user-generated content, publishers routinely censor political content. But while this may appease the government, it risks upsetting the core users. This has been the case on Douban, a popular social network in China with 33 million registered users. Censorship has recently tightened on Douban, leading to “veteran members” protesting about the censorship of certain photos, poetry and book reviews.Site Closures, Including RWW ChinaThe Golbal Times points to three recent examples of sites closed down by authorities: Fanfou, Yeeyan and Blogbus. The latter two were recovered in January. These site closures directly affected our own company, as Yeeyan is our syndication partner for ReadWriteWeb China. Yeeyan is a community translation website (our initial review 3 years ago), which publishes some well-known Western news sites such as The Guardian, Time Magazine, the New York Times and of course ReadWriteWeb. In early December, Yeeyan was forced to shut down its site – including ReadWriteWeb China. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts richard macmanus At the time of the closure, the following message was posted to the Yeeyan homepage by the Yeeyan team:“Due to our errors in handling some of the articles on the website, we went against the relevant regulations; therefore Yeeyan has to temporarily shut off its server, and adjust the relevant content.”Ethan Zuckerman from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School concluded that “at least one of the authorities that control the Chinese internet – which include the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology – found the prospect of frequent, high-quality translation of US and European media [from Yeeyan] threatening.” Yeeyan re-opened in January (using .org instead of .com) and we’re certainly very pleased to see that ReadWriteWeb China is back as a result.Free the read/write Web!There’s no shortage of rhetoric from the West about why China should cease censorship of the Web. Indeed Google made a brave move earlier this year by threatening to pull out of China if it continued to have to censor search results. While there has been no resolution in the Google-China case as yet, at least the issue is being highlighted and challenged by companies of Google’s stature in 2010. I hope that ReadWriteWeb’s participation in the March 15 event at the Paley Center in New York City, where I will be discussing these and other issues alongside prominent Chinese activist Ai Weiwei and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, does its bit to help encourage China to remove censorship on the Web.Bookmark our special Weiwei webpage to track the latest buzz about the March 15 event and view a video about Ai Weiwei’s art and digital activism. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

17 days agoRoma boss Fonseca: I deserved to be sent off, but…

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Roma boss Fonseca: I deserved to be sent off, but…by Carlos Volcano17 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveRoma boss Paulo Fonseca says he deserved to be sent off in their 1-1 draw with Cagliari.However, he insists Nikola Kalinic’s late goal should have stood.Fonseca said, “I didn’t like the referee’s attitude throughout the game. I could speak about the non-existent foul given against Diawara, or the incident for Cagliari’s penalty, and then the goal at the end by Kalinic.“I accept his decision to send me off, I deserved that. But on the goal it seems strange to me that the referee would tell the Cagliari players there wasn’t a foul. I don’t know why he changed his mind.“The guys played well, they created a lot of chances and I think we deserved more than a draw.“What was lacking today was that second goal. We missed a few good openings, it’s hard to say we shouldn’t have done better with them.” last_img read more

Pamela Anderson Speaks Out Against Cruel Animal Shows

first_imgPamela Anderson has written to PETA supporters asking them to join her in refusing to attend marine parks such as SeaWorld.“As someone who cares deeply about animals, I know that they truly do not belong in the entertainment industry,” she wrote. “So when I hear about the abuse at places such as SeaWorld where captive marine animals are forced to perform tricks that go against their nature, it breaks my heart. And when orcas rebel and kill their trainers, as Tilikum did at SeaWorld Orlando, their captivity becomes tragic for people, too.“Marine mammals are some of the most intelligent, social creatures on the planet. They are meant to roam the open oceans, not be forced to interact with people in an area that, to them, is the size of a large tub.”“Orcas held captive at SeaWorld spend decades trapped in tiny tanks, swimming in endless circles and forced to perform meaningless tricks for gawking spectators,” added PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk. “At circuses such as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, terrified baby elephants are torn away from their mothers and struck with sharp bullhooks until they submit to workers.“Animal abusers are trying to draw visitors in by offering deeply discounted tickets in partnership with Groupon. But if we join together and speak up now, we can convince Groupon to sever ties with the likes of SeaWorld and Ringling Bros. — and cut off one of the last tools that these companies have to prop up their abusive businesses.“Speak up now for orcas, elephants, and other animals trapped and tormented by the entertainment industry! Tell Groupon to stop promoting cruel animal shows and cancel these deals today.“Many major companies, including MasterCard, Visa, Ford, and Travelzoo, already have a ban on Ringling Bros. promotions. And thanks to the success of documentary films such as Blackfish — and the public outcry from people like you — the backlash against companies such as SeaWorld is in full swing, and it’s only growing stronger. Musical acts such as Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies have canceled appearances at the park in recent months, and New York hot spot Bagatelle canceled SeaWorld’s 50th anniversary party after hearing from PETA.”Click here to help PETA stop cruel animal shows.last_img read more

Ohio States Meyer moves in on Fickells dire defense

Ohio State sophomore linebacker Ryan Shazier said words couldn’t describe the Buckeyes’ defensive performance against Indiana. The appropriate descriptors came to first-year OSU coach Urban Meyer with apparent ease during his weekly press conference Monday, and he wasn’t happy. Maybe that’s why, at least for the time being, Meyer will have an increased role in the defense – he’s targeted the problem and is already working with the unit to improve its play. In light of nearly blowing an 18-point, late-game lead against the Hoosiers, Meyer, who said he’d be more involved with the defensive unit afterward, said the Buckeyes need to eliminate big plays. To help facilitate the defense’s growth, he’s already upped his involvement with the unit – Meyer said he’s met with both the players and the coaches on the defensive side of the ball. You won’t hear a whine from co-defensive coordinator Luke Fickell regarding these matters, though – he said he’s happy to continue collaborating with Meyer. After allowing 481 yards of total offense and 49 points, Meyer described OSU’s problem succinctly, saying it needs to cease allowing big plays. “Pressing issues, eliminate the big play. There were 14 plays in there (against Indiana), and I actually met with the entire defense and the defensive staff in there,” Meyer said. “Instead of just complaining and whining and making noise, we have to put a plan together. That’s eliminate big plays … I’m not happy at all with what’s going on defense. That includes players, coaches and I think we can all get better.” Fickell’s defense is a porous one – OSU has allowed more points through seven games – 172 ­- than in either the past two seasons. Last year, the Buckeyes allowed 114 points to the opposition through seven games and during the team’s 2010 Sugar Bowl-championship campaign, which was later vacated, the defense allowed 112 points through seven games. With concerns about the now No. 7-ranked Buckeyes’ defense bubbling over, Fickell didn’t offer any excuses. Instead, a simple solution – make more plays, he said. “We’ve got to do a lot better job. I think the big thing is you look at – we’ve got to finish,” Fickell said. “To me, the greatest thing is, you say, ‘Hey, let’s see how we learn from this.’” From the outside looking in, it might appear that Fickell, having drawn Meyer’s ire, will now have his toes stepped on by the Buckeyes’ head coach. While it’s true that Meyer will be more involved in the defense, Fickell said, he’s always been present, adding that increased criticism from Meyer should help speed the learning process up. “(Meyer’s) come over more, but I think he’s always been involved. I think his ability to get over there and make sure, you know, motivational things and make things uncomfortable at times, but that’s how you grow,” Fickell said. “Hopefully he continues to spend a little bit more time with us. “(Co-defensive) coach (Everett) Withers and I, (cornerbacks) coach (Kerry) Coombs, (defensive line) coach (Mike) Vrabel – we all do things together, same way we’ve done in the past … It’s a collaborative issue and it’s not about any one person. That’s what we ask our kids to do and that’s what we ask our coaches to be like.” Meyer’s arrival in the defense’s meeting room comes just in time, too. Players, such as Shazier, say they’re distraught about the team’s play. “The defense, we’re really, really mad right now … We discussed how we played (against Indiana) and we had a horrible game,” Shazier said. “I’m not saying anything bad about Indiana, but we shouldn’t have gone out like that. We gave up too many yards, too many points.” The pieces, Meyer said, are already in place to turn the defense’s performance around. “We’ve got good coaches, good players and we’ll move forward and get better,” he said. OSU is scheduled to continue Big Ten play Saturday against Purdue University at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for noon. read more

Ohio State retail jerseys will be limited to a pair of numbers

A rack of OSU jerseys is seen at Barnes & Noble at 1598 N. High St. For the 2015 season, stores such as Barnes and Noble will now only be allowed to sell Nos. 1 and 15 jerseys. Credit: Giustino Bovenzi / Lantern reporterFans looking to purchase new Ohio State football jerseys for the upcoming season will have two jersey options to choose from at Nike apparel-approved retailers: No. 1 and No. 15. Rick Van Brimmer, assistant vice president for Affinity Trademark Management, said that it is merely a coincidence that two team standouts in redshirt senior quarterback/H-back Braxton Miller (1) and junior running back Ezekiel Elliott (15) sport the two number choices that are represented.According to Van Brimmer, the decision to make those two numbers available to fans is because annually No. 1 is the most popular jersey number and No. 15 represents the upcoming 2015 football season.Van Brimmer said the decision came about after an internal meeting from peer institutions.“Given the current climate around use of players’ names and likeness, this seemed to fit philosophically with where we want to be,” Van Brimmer said. “Fans can still get any number they choose through our custom jersey program at the stadium and online at our official team shop, as long as they include their (own) name on the jersey.”Carter Marsch, a second-year in communication, said he approves of the decision to represent the year and the potential national championship awaiting the team at the end of the season, but he also realizes the problem with teams using players’ jersey numbers for profit.“There’s always been problems with representing students and making money off of them, and what the football team can bring in, compared to what the students make,” Marsch said. “I think that this is a good way to kind of cancel that out, almost.”Van Brimmer said some stores may have carryover stock from last year still available for a limited time.Kathy Smith, general manager at the Barnes & Noble in the South Campus Gateway, said her store was already clearing out last year’s inventory before the announcement came out.Smith said her store still has some of last year’s No. 5 jerseys — the number formerly worn by Miller — on clearance right now.“If (customers) are looking for any other numbers besides 1 and 15, then they can come in and look at what we have on clearance,” Smith said.Smith mentioned that a rivalry game jersey will be made available later this year as well, but she could not provide the details on those yet, as they have not been officially released.The new OSU jerseys are available in two styles, game and limited, and range from $90 to $135 on the Nike website. read more

Fencing Fresh off title MarcAntoine Blais Belanger turns focus to Olympics

Ohio State senior epeeist Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger is hoisted up by his teammates after winning the 2018 NCAA Fencing Championships on March 25 in State College, Pennsylvania. Credit: Ohio State AthleticsTwo years ago, the biggest opportunity of Ohio State fencer Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger’s career was met with disappointment. After reaching the men’s epee finals in the 2016 NCAA Fencing Championships, Blais Belanger fell just short of the title, losing to Jake Hoyle, the top seed from Columbia.On March 25 in State College, Pennsylvania, Blais Belanger once again found himself one victory away from becoming the NCAA men’s epee champion. In the waning moments of overtime, with the hard-fought title bout against Sean White of St. John’s nearing its conclusion, Blais Belanger trailed 14-13. It looked like history was doomed to repeat itself.Then, in the final bout of his career, Blais Belanger turned the tide.With the clock winding down, Blais Belanger scored a touch on White to tie the score. Moments later, Belanger scored the touch with three seconds remaining that clinched his 15-14 victory.Disappointment turned to triumph.“Two years ago I came so close,” Blais Belanger said. ”If I wouldn’t have won [this time] it would have been really hard to swallow.”Blais Belanger’s four-year Ohio State career reached a redemptive conclusion, but he does not plan on letting his fencing career come to an end. With a successful and memorable college tenure now behind him, Blais Belanger has turned his attention to the sport’s greatest competition: the Olympics.Although Blais Belanger’s NCAA eligibility has expired, he plans to remain at Ohio State for one more year to complete his degree in mechanical engineering. He will still spend countless hours honing his skills in the Steelwood Athletic Training Facility to prepare for the final push to qualify and represent Canada in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.“[To qualify] you have to do almost every international competition and try to bank up on international points,” Blais Belanger said. “You have to be amongst the [best] in the Americas.”But Blais Belanger believes his collegiate career, during which he has competed at the NCAA championships all four years, has prepared him for the challenge of qualifying for and competing in the Olympics.“There’s so much pressure [in NCAA competition] because everyone’s [trying to] go out and be the best for their school,” Blais Belanger said. “There’s always so much intensity in every tournament … I think that’s going to help me a lot to handle pressure.”Blais Belanger also has competed for Team Canada at international competitions. Though he said the talent level is higher in international tournaments, they can’t match the intensity of NCAA competitions where team comradery and school pride inspire passion. “During international competition you focus on yourself,” Blais Belanger said. “Obviously if your teammate from your country does well you’re happy, but it’s not the same thing because you don’t depend on each other to win.”There are plenty of great college fencers who fail to reach the Olympics. While experience and preparation are important, a certain degree of natural talent is necessary to compete among the world’s greatest fencers. Ohio State fencing head coach Vladimir Nazlymov has an eye for Olympic talent. His lengthy resume includes three Olympic medals of his own when he competed for the Soviet Union in 1968, 1976 and 1980. He has been a member of the coaching staff of both the United States and Soviet national teams, and was the Soviet national team’s head coach in the 1988 Olympics. Nazlymov said he believes Blais Belanger has what it takes to be an Olympian.“[Blais Belanger has an] unbelievably strong neural system,” Nazlymov said. “He can be patient until last millisecond. It’s not timing. It’s [instincts]. In this case he’s unbelievable talent.”Maybe it was four years of learning to handle intense competition that allowed Blais Belanger to land the winning touch with three seconds remaining in his final college bout. Maybe the final strike was the type of instinctual response that his coach believes makes him a special talent.One thing is certain: as Blais Belanger comes closer to reaching the ultimate goal of his athletic career, he will need to thrive in big moments. If how he fared in the biggest moment of his collegiate career is any indication, he’ll do just fine. read more

Pjanic Juventus want to win everything

first_imgMiralem Pjanic says Juventus want to “win everything” this season, and speaks about playing with Cristiano Ronaldo.Pjanic scored a fantastic volley against Lazio at the weekend, and he spoke to the Juventus’ official tv. Football Italia reports.“It wasn’t a simple goal,” Pjanic said.“The ball was high, but I managed to put it where I wanted. You need to have coordination, even if technique is important.“I’ve improved a lot compared to recent years, that’s what I wanted to do and I’ve succeeded.Cristiano Ronaldo, Nemanja Vidic, Manchester UnitedVidic: “Ronaldo is the most professional footballer I’ve seen” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Nemanja Vidic opened up on how a 21-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo’s professionalism left him stunned at Manchester United.“I want to keep winning and bring home even more important trophies. We have big objectives, Juventus want to win everything.“We have to be united and do our best. Right now we’re just thinking about winning, but soon we’ll be back to having fun on the pitch too.”Pjanic being a free-kick specialist faces more competition this season with the arrival of new signing Cristiano Ronaldo.“Paulo Dybala and I used to have free-kick competitions, now Cristiano Ronaldo has been added and he kicks them very well.“Ronaldo will give us so much, we’re happy that he’s here. In recent years he’s proved he’s the best in the world.”last_img read more

Theres some hope for Achraf Lazaar

first_imgThe Newcastle United left-back has only appeared four times with the club but coach Rafa Benitez might call him up soonMoroccan left-back Achraf Lazaar was transferred from Palermo to Newcastle United in 2016.The defender played only four matches before being loaned to Italian Lega Serie A club Benevento in 2017.And after Newcastle was not able to make him move to Genoa, the footballer is training with the U23 squad.Cristiano Ronaldo, Nemanja Vidic, Manchester UnitedVidic: “Ronaldo is the most professional footballer I’ve seen” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Nemanja Vidic opened up on how a 21-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo’s professionalism left him stunned at Manchester United.But The Magpies boss Rafael Benitez might call him soon to the first team as a back-up for Paul Dummett.“He will stay with the Under-23s – we’ll see how he gets on,” Benitez told The Shields Gazette.“We cannot say ‘no’ and we cannot say ‘yes’ – we have to see how he’s doing and then we decide.”“The reason we put him in the squad is because we know it’s a weak position, and we have no back-up, so it’s just in case,” Benitez added.last_img read more