Flying Buddy 2 is a mindcontrolled quadcopter

first_imgBeing able to control things using your mind isn’t exactly new technology, but it never stops being impressive. Mind control input devices have been around for a number of years, and now researchers at Zhejiang University in China have invented Flying Buddy 2, an AR quadcopter that can be flown with your mind.It’s designed to be a flying assistant for the disabled, giving users with limited physical movement a new way to see and explore the world as well as providing stimulating entertainment. To control it, users just have to think certain things while wearing the EEG (emotiv electroencephalography) headset. Thinking left hard allows you to take off and land, thinking left lightly makes the quadcopter rotate, think right to fly forward, think push to fly up, clenching allows you to fly downwards, and blinking means the quadcopter will take pictures.The control system works by detecting commands from your brain with the headset which then get transmitted to a computer via Bluetooth. The computer then sends these commands on to the quadcopter using a Wi-Fi connection. Users can also see the live video feed from the quadcopter on the computer screen, which is transmitted back from the quadcopter via Wi-Fi, too.The video above shows just how accurate the quadcopter controls seem to be, but it’s still in the early prototype stages so sadly it won’t be available to buy anytime soon. If it does become viable, I can see this system being a popular edition to the standard quadcopters you can buy today, albeit with a hefty price increase.via Wiredlast_img read more