Green Mountain Coffee Roasters extends tender offer to acquire Diedrich Coffee

first_imgGreen Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (NASDAQ: GMCR) of Waterbury, Vermont, has announced that Pebbles Acquisition Sub, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of GMCR, has extended its previously announced $35.00 per share cash tender offer to purchase all outstanding shares of common stock of Diedrich Coffee, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDRX). In accordance with the terms of the merger agreement among GMCR, Purchaser and Diedrich Coffee, the tender offer has been extended 20 business days (the maximum number of days permitted under the merger agreement) to expire at midnight, New York City time, on Monday, May 3, 2010, unless further extended. The tender offer previously was scheduled to expire at midnight, New York City time, on Monday, April 5, 2010. All other terms and conditions of the tender offer remain unchanged.As of 5:30 p.m., New York City time, on April 5, 2010, approximately 2,774,393 shares have been tendered into the tender offer and not withdrawn. The tender offer is subject to customary closing conditions, including, among other things, regulatory approvals. The Board of Directors of Diedrich Coffee has recommended that Diedrich Coffee stockholders tender their shares into the tender offer. Questions and requests for assistance regarding the tender offer may be directed to the Information Agent for the offer, Okapi Partners LLC, toll-free at (877) 274-8654.BofA Merrill Lynch is serving as financial advisor to GMCR on this transaction and Ropes & Gray LLP is serving as its legal advisor.About Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (NASDAQ: GMCR)As a leader in the specialty coffee industry, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. is recognized for its award-winning coffees, innovative brewing technology, and socially responsible business practices. GMCR s operations are managed through two business units. The Specialty Coffee business unit produces coffee, tea and hot cocoa from its family of brands, including Tully s Coffee®, Green Mountain Coffee®, Newman s Own® Organics coffee and Timothy s World Coffee®. The Keurig business unit is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of gourmet single-cup brewing systems. K-Cup® portion packs for Keurig® Single-Cup Brewers are produced by a variety of licensed roasters, including Green Mountain Coffee, Tully s Coffee and Timothy s. GMCR supports local and global communities by offsetting 100% of its direct greenhouse gas emissions, investing in Fair Trade Certified ¢ coffee, and donating at least five percent of its pre-tax profits to social and environmental projects. Visit is external) for more information.GMCR routinely posts information that may be of importance to investors in the Investor Relations section of its web site, including news releases and its complete financial statements, as filed with the SEC. GMCR encourages investors to consult this section of its web site regularly for important information and news. Additionally, by subscribing to GMCR s automatic email news release delivery, individuals can receive news directly from GMCR as it is released.Forward-looking statementsCertain statements contained herein, including GMCR s intention to complete the proposed acquisition, are not based on historical fact and are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the applicable securities laws and regulations. The safe harbor set forth in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, does not apply to forward-looking statements made in connection with a tender offer. Generally, these statements can be identified by the use of words such as anticipate, believe, , could, estimate, expect, feel, forecast, intend, may, plan, potential, project, should, would, and similar expressions intended to identify forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements contain these identifying words. Owing to the uncertainties inherent in forward-looking statements, actual events or results could differ materially from those stated herein. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, the impact on sales and profitability of consumer sentiment in this difficult economic environment, GMCR s success in efficiently expanding operations and capacity to meet growth, GMCR s success in efficiently and effectively integrating Tully s and Timothy s wholesale operations and capacity into its Specialty Coffee business unit, GMCR s success in introducing new product offerings, the ability of lenders to honor their commitments under GMCR s credit facility, competition and other business conditions in the coffee industry and food industry in general, fluctuations in availability and cost of high-quality green coffee, any other increases in costs including fuel, Keurig s ability to continue to grow and build profits with its roaster partners in the At Home and Away from Home businesses, the impact of the loss of major customers for GMCR or reduction in the volume of purchases by major customers, delays in the timing of adding new locations with existing customers, GMCR s level of success in continuing to attract new customers, sales mix variances, weather and special or unusual events, as well as other risks described more fully in GMCR s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC ). Forward-looking statements reflect management s expectations as of the date of this press release, and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties. GMCR does not undertake to revise these statements to reflect subsequent developments, other than in its regular, quarterly earnings releases.Additional InformationThis press release is neither an offer to purchase, nor a solicitation of an offer to sell, any securities. The tender offer to purchase shares of Diedrich Coffee common stock referenced in this press release has been made pursuant to a Tender Offer Statement on Schedule TO, containing an offer to purchase, a form of letter of transmittal and other documents relating to the tender offer (the  Tender Offer Statement ), which GMCR and Purchaser filed with the SEC and first mailed to Diedrich Coffee stockholders on December 11, 2009. Security holders of Diedrich Coffee are advised to read the Tender Offer Statement, because it contains important information about the tender offer. Investors and security holders of Diedrich Coffee also are advised that they may obtain free copies of the Tender Offer Statement and other documents filed by GMCR with the SEC on the SEC s website at is external). In addition, free copies of the Tender Offer Statement and related materials may be obtained from GMCR by written request to: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., Attention: General Counsel, 33 Coffee Lane, Waterbury, Vermont 05676.Source: WATERBURY, Vt.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. 4.5.2010 Vermont Bizlast_img read more

Arab world sees bin Laden death as step towards eliminating terrorism

first_imgBy Dialogo May 04, 2011 RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, BAGHDAD, Iraq and BEIRUT, Lebanon – Analysts and politicians in the Arab world said Osama bin Laden’s death will curtail al-Qaeda’s recruitment and operations in the near future as young adults will be less likely to join the organization’s ranks. “News of the killing of the al-Qaeda leader will provide reassurance to the whole world, and we hope al-Qaeda members will be tracked down and the terrorist cells that influence deviant thought will be dismantled,” Yahya al-Amir, a Saudi political analyst and columnist, told Al-Shorfa. Al-Amir asserted that this thought is the real reason for the formation of such organizations, which do not need a central administration and merely view bin Laden as a symbol. “Bin Laden, as a current reality, has no value in shaping all the events,” he added. “The death of a demonstrator in Daraa or Sanaa may be, in our current circumstances, far more important.” The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) reiterated in a press statement on May 2 its condemnation of terrorism in all forms and manifestations. The statement said terrorism contradicts the teachings of Islam and stressed that individuals responsible for terrorist crimes must be brought to justice. A Saudi government official told the Saudi News Agency that the kingdom hopes that “elimination of the leader of the terrorist al-Qaeda organization is a step towards supporting international efforts aimed at combating terrorism, dismantling its cells and wiping out the deviant thought behind it. The people in the kingdom are among those affected by this terrorist organization and its crimes because it is responsible for taking innocent lives, terrorising peaceful people and undermining the security of society.” Iraqi officials welcome news of Osama bin Laden’s death Official government spokesperson and state minister Ali al-Dabbagh called Bin Laden’s death “a major victory in the global war on terror.” “The end of this man will put an end to many terrorist acts in the world and will have a direct impact on Iraq, as it will demoralize al-Qaeda members in Iraq,” he told “He has received his worldly punishment for spilling the blood of thousands of people around the world.” Al-Dabbagh called on the remaining members of al-Qaeda in Iraq to turn themselves in to Iraqi security forces and let go of their terrorist ideology. “Today, those who embrace the ideology of exclusion, violence and extremism will know that the forces of good and peace will necessarily prevail and win no matter how long it takes,” he said. Haidar al-Mulla, spokesperson for al-Iraqiyah bloc in parliament, described Bin Laden’s killing as “the fall of the fortress of terrorism in the world”. “The killing of Bin Laden represents the beginning of the end for terrorist organizations in the world,” al-Mulla told Mawtani. “This is extremely important for the security of Iraq because killing the head of al-Qaeda will eventually lead to the disappearance of al-Qaeda’s force in Iraq and in the region.” Egyptian analyst: sympathetic Islamist movements could abandon violence Bin Laden’s death will open the door to Islamist movements sympathetic with al-Qaeda to support initiatives that reject violence, political analyst and expert in Islamist groups Ammar Ali Hassan told Al-Shorfa. Hassan cited similar positions adopted by the Islamic Group and the Islamic Jihad, who abandoned the path of al-Qaeda. “The failure of al-Qaeda and the Taliban model, and that of al-Qaeda in Iraq, and the success of the Arab revolutions in Egypt and Tunis, persuaded many that peaceful struggles are the only way to change Arab autocratic regimes and not carrying weapons and killing civilians,” he said. Kuwaiti analyst: bin Laden’s death great victory Shamlan al-Issa, a political scientist at the University of Kuwait, described the death of bin Laden as a “great victory for democratic countries.” “Terrorism weakened significantly in the recent period because of revolutions across the Arab world which were [pursued in the name of] freedom, not religion, and this weakened the role of extremist religious groups around the world,” he said. He stressed that bin Laden’s death would add to this weakness, even in Kuwait, because the number of young people choosing to join extremist religious groups would drop off considerably because of their sense of their futility. He predicted al-Qaeda’s core leadership would split into many al-Qaedas and thus would not return to the centralised organization of al-Qaeda hereafter. Shafeeq al-Ghabra, a writer, political analyst and doctor of political science at Kuwait University, said bin Laden’s death is a moral blow to al-Qaeda. “It seems to me that al-Qaeda is now caught between two situations it will not be able to overcome easily,” he said. “The first, its thinking to continue the confrontation with the United States and complete the path bin Laden was on, and the second, the Arab revolutions spread throughout a large number of Middle East countries, which provide an entirely different model from the policy of this organization in their orientation of non-violence, which they started and proceeded with from the outset.” Al-Ghabra does not believe Arab states will experience a direct impact, saying, “The killing of bin Laden does not affect policies in the Middle East because the current change and the loudest voice comes from the peoples’ revolutions and their desire for freedom and democracy.” “The killing of bin Laden will add nothing new, except that it will be the cause for further disintegration of al-Qaeda, through the desire of leaders under Osama to control the organization, which will create various conflicts between them, leading to the end and the dismantling of this organization in the next stage,” he added. Jordan Islamist at odds with bin Laden In Jordan, Jamil Abu Bakr, the spokesman for the Islamic Action Front, stressed that the Islamist movement is at odds with Osama bin Laden over the correct course of action. “This man held fast to attempting to liberate the Islamic world from foreign influence, but this had not been approved by the Islamic movement,” Abu Bakr told Al-Shorfa. Nidal al-Omr, a political science researcher, said public opinion over the killing of bin Laden will be influenced by the “memory of the Jordanians during the Amman bombings, which targeted a number of hotels in the Jordanian capital on November 9th, 2005, and claimed the lives of a number of Jordanians as well as created a record of bad relations between Jordan and al-Qaeda.” Saad Hariri: bin Laden deserved his fate Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Bin Laden deserves his fate because it is the destiny of murderers and villains, adding that he hurt the image of Islam and Arab causes and that Arab and Islamic history would not forgive him. Hariri said bin Laden is “a black mark on this history, enlisted to corrupt the minds of thousands of young people with a culture of murder, terrorism, sabotage and destruction, and which put Islam, as a religion of justice and tolerance … in adversarial situations with other civilizations, religions and other cultures.” “Bin Laden and his followers not only harmed the United States and other Western countries but also made Islam a Trojan horse to sow evil and division in the countries of Muslims and Arabs,” he added. He said the fight against all forms of terrorism is an ongoing responsibility, “which should primarily be the responsibility of Arabs and Muslims, who have a duty to liberate Islam from its captors.”last_img read more

USC students question effects of new smoke-free policy

first_imgOn Jan. 10, USC joined 1,827 higher education institutions across the country in prohibiting smoking on campus. The University banned cigarettes, e-cigarettes, hookahs and other products on all University-owned property, including fraternity and sorority houses on the Row. However, enforcing this policy has been difficult — and with the rise in popularity of new forms of smoking, students are continuing to engage in an activity that USC is trying to eradicate.USC’s Undergraduate Student Government passed a resolution supporting a campus-wide ban on smoking in March 2016, and the Academic Senate — a consultative body of professors representing the interests of the faculty — followed up with a resolution of its own in September before the change was formally adopted by the University in January.But enforcement of the policy rests on the administration and the Department of Public Safety. DPS Assistant Chief David Carlisle said that when DPS officers see someone smoking on campus, the standard procedure is to inform them of the policy and hand them a small card containing information about smoking cessation programs offered on campus.“We rarely get a complaint about people violating the no-smoking policy,” Carlisle said.Some students said they have continued to smoke on campus because they disagree with the idea of an absolute ban and believe that people who want to smoke should have an opportunity to do so.“Some people smoke for fun, and some people smoke because they’re addicted, but it’s their right to smoke,” said Jad Saleh, an e-cigarette user, who is also a freshman majoring in business administration. “I think there should at least be designated spots for people who smoke so they don’t have to go off campus.”Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, and nearly one in 10 college students in America die prematurely because of tobacco use, according to the Academic Senate’s proposal to ban smoking on campus. Paula Cannon, president of the Academic Senate, said that the Senate developed its proposal to mitigate the potential for harm that cigarettes pose to the University community.“We had quite thoughtful discussions [at] the Academic Senate on this topic,” Cannon said. “What swayed us this year was the quantity and quality of evidence against smoking — not just how it impacts all of us whenever we encounter it, but also the impact of secondhand smoke.”But some students — such as Olivia Marshall, a freshman majoring in real estate development — think that the ban should not apply to all forms of smoking. Marshall said e-cigarettes and vape pens should be permitted on campus, since they can cause less harm to the environment.“When it comes to e-cigarette usage, there’s no worry about secondhand smoke,” Marshall said. “[And] no one is leaving their cigarette butts anywhere.”She also added that JUULs, electronic cigarettes with a high concentration of nicotine, have become increasingly popular with USC students, especially because of their size and convenience. E-cigarettes are known to be as addictive as other tobacco products, according to a study from the American Chemical Society. Nine out of 17 common, commercially available e-cigarettes contain the most addictive kind of nicotine, according to TIME magazine.JUULs fall under the no-smoking policy due to their status as an e-cigarette. But despite their popularity with students, Cannon said the benefits of a smoke-free campus outweigh the rights of individual students to use any form of tobacco products.“While we all grow up with different habits and expectations as to what’s normal, when we join a pluralistic society like USC, I think we also take on the fact that there are just certain things we do because we want to be good neighbors and we want to do the things that are the most socially acceptable to the most people,” Cannon said. “It’s imperfect, but I think on so many levels smoking is really not acceptable.”last_img read more

3 takeaways from Syracuse’s 17-5 win over rival Hobart

first_img Published on April 2, 2019 at 8:49 pm Contact Nick: [email protected] | @nick_a_alvarez Facebook Twitter Google+ GENEVA — No. 11 Syracuse (6-3, 1-2 Atlantic Coast) battled No. 20 Hobart (8-2, 2-0 Northeast) for the Kraus-Simmons Trophy for the 34th time at Urick Stadium on Tuesday. A back-and-forth first quarter kept the game tied at two goals each after 15. And an eventual 12-0 scoring run secured the win for the Orange, 17-5.Here are some takeaways from Tuesday’s game.History twice over For most of the contest, SU head coach John Desko patrolled the sideline like he usually does. The only difference was behind him, sitting on a white table near the 50-yard-line. For the 22nd time, Desko competed for the Kraus-Simmons Trophy, the objectification of the Syracuse-Hobart rivalry. And for the 20th time, Desko won the piece of silver named partially after his predecessor. Halfway through the fourth quarter, Desko rotated his bench into the game. The Orange pushed the margin to 10, and players on the sideline started eyeing the Kraus-Simmons, inching closer to the white table. The win meant something else to Desko, too, as the head coach won the 250th game of his career in historic, and in blowout fashion. AdvertisementThis is placeholder textOffensive improvement Before the game, four defenders in white pullovers guarded Syracuse’s crease. SU attack in blue jerseys passed around them, eyeing openings and lofting shots. For the month of March, the Orange repeatedly trailed early and needed an offensive comeback. In its last three first quarters, SU’s been outscored by nine goals. A new routine was supposed to change that.Its revamped warmup — featuring more “game-like” aspects like dodging and shot creating, midfielder Griffin Cook said — worked partially on Tuesday night. To open the scoring, Nate Solomon threaded a pass to Stephen Rehfuss across the zone and he gave SU the lead. The first quarter ended knotted at two but featured a slightly improved Orange attack. While SU still committed nine turnovers in the first half because of missed passes and clears, the offense did enough to keep pressure off the other end. It carried over into the second. Jacob Buttermore and David Lipka darted through Hobart’s zone and registered goals. Senior Bradley Voigt added a pair before getting his third following halftime. After Desko stressed for weeks that slow starts were an issue that demanded fixing, the pregame shootaround paid off, and the Orange carried a two-goal lead into halftime, one that would soon snowball. BlankedAll season, redshirt junior defender Nick Mellen has been tasked with stopping an opponent’s top-attack. Which meant that Mellen drew Hobart’s Chris Aslanian for majority of the contest. Aslanian, a 6-foot-3, 200-pound attack, entered with 13 goals and 26 assists. Yet after 30 minutes, Aslanian slumped off the turf with zero points. Against Notre Dame this past Saturday, top-threat Brendan Gleason tallied a first-half hat trick. Desko later said that the Orange knew Gleason’s talent, but they didn’t play like it. With a 72-hour turnaround, the Orange didn’t need a bad half to adjust to Aslanian and leading-scorer Eric Holden. From the start, Mellen’s faceguard neutralized Aslanian. Meanwhile, Tyson Bomberry drew Holden. With just more than seven minutes left in the first half, Holden beat SU’s Drake Porter and waved on the Hobart sideline. White jerseys on the sideline roared and standing Statesmen fans cheered. It was Holden’s 29th score of the season but only one of the game. The defense persisted through the third quarter, not allowing a score in the frame. Paired with a decisive 12-0 scoring run, Syracuse brought the Kraus-Simmons Trophy back up Interstate-690. Commentslast_img read more

FCPPL review: AshGold draw Chelsea to secure vital point in title push

first_imgAshGold snatched a vital draw in their push for the 2014/15 FCPPL title away at Berekum Chelsea on Saturday. Striker Kofi Owusu who scored Chelsea’s first goal and took his tally to 15, was voted man-of-the-match and was also presented the award for the FCPPL’s Player of the month for July. Berekum Chelsea: John Moosie – Kelvin Boateng, Justice Anane, Paul Aidoo, Richard Adjei, Nicholas Opoku, Kingsley Effah, Bennett Ofori, Stephen Baffour Asare, Asiwome Fumador/Latif Salifu, Kofi Owusu/Awudu Moro Coach Bashir Hayford, going for the broke threw in more forwards with Didier Kore and Bashiru Osman but it was Emmanuel Osei who will emerge the hero for his side. The striker skilfully weaved past the Chelsea backline only to be hacked down in the penalty area by defender Nicholas Opoku. But diminutive forward Kofi Owusu equalized for Chelsea with a nice header from Justice Anane’s cross on 35 minutes. Chelsea gathered momentum and probed the AshGold defence but were denied by goalkeeper Robert Dabuo who pulled three good saves towards half time. A clear penalty offence and referee Desmond Abbey wasted no time in pointing to the penalty spot after his whistle. Osei elected himself and planted the ball in the net – the goal which ensured the Miners will go home with a point from the Golden City Park. The league leaders drew first blood as early as the 8th minute of the match day 28 opening fixture via a penalty converted by striker Yakubu Mohammed. It was his eleventh goal of the campaign. Latif Salifu came on as a second half substitute and his impact was rightly felt. In the 66th minute, the experienced forward found himself at the right place and capitalized on a mis-communication between Joshua Tijani and goalkeeper Robert Dabuo to give Chelsea a 2-1 lead. Line-ups With 7 other match day 28 fixtures set for Sunday, AshGold are now on 49 points, four better than second placed Aduana who visit Heart of Lions at the Kpando Park. AshGold: Robert Dabuo – Augustine Sefa, Tijani Joshua, Lawrence Lartey, Desmond Agberkpornu – Eric Opoku, Joseph Ato Bissah, Emmanuel Baffour/Alhaji Sani, Yakubu Mohammed/Didier Kore, Emmanuel Osei, Osei Baffour/Bashiru OsmanRelated…CLICK TO READ: Why Hearts of Lions will be this year’s kingmakersCLICK TO READ: This year’s league most competitive – SannieCLICK TO READ: Matchday 28 game-by-game preview –Follow Joy Sports on Twitter: @Joy997FM. Our hashtag is #JoySportslast_img read more