Buy your way onto a space flight using Bitcoins

first_imgHopefully you haven’t spent all of your hard-mined Bitcoins on pizza just yet, because now you can put them toward becoming an astronaut. Startup I Dream of Space (IDoS) wants to put you on a commercial flight into space, but rather than just ask for a bunch of your money to send you there, the company is only asking everyone for a little bit of money and will choose a winner at random.Now, if that seems like an online lottery (which is illegal in certain countries), IDoS makes it very clear that it is nothing of the sort, and is a perfectly legal raffle instead. Rather than being a company that is holding an online lottery, IDoS is positioning itself as a simple vendor of posters who just happens to be raffling off a trip to space. Company founder Reuben Metcalf even made a video about it:For the current drawing round, IDoS is selling 25,000 posters — you can purchase more than one to hedge your chances. You can buy either a digital version of the poster for $10, which will be emailed to you, or a physical version of the poster for $15, which measures in at 18 x 24 inches, and happens to be sold out at the time of this writing.The money generated from the raffle is supposed to cover the price of one commercial space flight ticket, but if you have been paying attention to that particular sector of aeronautics, there hasn’t actually been a commercial flight to space yet. IDoS notes it doesn’t yet have an official partnership with a commercial space flight firm, but undisclosed companies have supposedly said that they would accept the raffle winner and provide them with a ticket once IDoS has enough money to secure a spot.Perhaps the best part about this raffle is that you can buy the poster using Bitcoins. If you happen to buy the winning ticket to space with the pseudo-currency, you’ll be able to say you are going to space thanks in part to Bitcoin.In order to make the drawing fair, IDoS will hash all of the participants’ emails, assign them a number from 1 to 25,000, then use to choose a number, all while live-streaming the drawing. Even if you win, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be ushered onto a fight to space anytime soon, as that is obviously entirely dependent on a company actually having a commercial flight to space.last_img read more