Experience the horror of Ebola in this new virtual reality film

first_imgA virtual reality film aims to draw attention to prejudice towards Ebola survivors by guiding viewers through the life of a woman in Liberia who uses her immunity to help others affected by the disease, the creators said on Tuesday.The new virtual reality film “Waves of Grace” gives viewers that jolt of proximity by essentially embedding them with an Ebola survivor in Liberia. Produced in partnership with the United Nations, the movie is intended as a potential antidote to the numbness that can come with traditional media coverage of disease and disasters.http://vrse.com/watch/index.html?id=121The film shows markets reopening, children going back to school and men returning to work in Liberia, which could once again be declared Ebola-free this week. But Davis warns of suspicion towards survivors, who are often ostracised by their communities. It’s one thing to read articles and watch news reports about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. It’s quite another to find yourself standing among workers getting dressed in protective suits, or in a schoolyard surrounded by children orphaned by the disease. Vitual reality known as VR can enable ’empathy at a distance’ an order of magnitude more powerfully than any technology before it. Once VR recording develops past the presence-breaking technological limitations of simple 360-stereoscopic video, its effects will be truly profound.last_img read more

KBC contestant Prerana uses 50:50 lifeline for question on Michael Phelps worth Rs 40,000

first_img LIVE TV Mrigank Pandey A confused Prerana chose option D which turned out to be wrong. Sonam Kapoor made her debut as a lead in ‘Saawariya’ from 2007. It was Deepika Padukone who made her debut as a lead in Kannada film ‘Aishwarya’ from 2006. She later went on to make her Bollywood debut in 2007’s ‘Om Shanti Om’. Perhaps, had she answered the sports question without using a lifeline, she could have at least taken double the amount home. 9 months ago Amitabh Bachchan shoots for 18-hrs non-stop for KBC 11’s last episode, pens emotional note 9 months ago KBC 11: Taapsee Pannu speaks about her contribution in ‘War’ on the show ALSO READ | KBC 11: Jitendra Singh failed to answer this Rs 6,40,000 question on Big B’s showPrerana looked confused as she could recognise the names but was not so sure about their sporting disciplines. Her main confusion lied between Option B and Option C and she almost edged towards the option B. KBC host Amitabh Bachchan interjected and reminded Prerana of the helplines, which were at her disposal. Prerana did not hesitate then and immediately opted for the 50-50 Helpline. The helpline took out option B and a confident Prerana immediately went with option C. Prerana was right and she successfully went on to win ₹40000. Bachchan went on to inform her that Michael Phelps is indeed not a golfer. The legendary American is a record-breaking swimmer, who is the most successful Olympian of all-time with 28 medals.ALSO READ | KBC 11 Written Update: Pratik’s inspiring story of self-sustainable villagePrerana takes home Rs. 3 lakh 20 thousandPrerana went on to win take home ₹3 lakh 20 thousand and was eventually beaten by the ₹6.40 lakh question. The question was “Which actress made her debut as a lead actress in a movie titled ‘Aishwarya’?”. The options that Prerana got were – FOLLOW US COMMENT A. Lionel Messi – Football B. Usain Bolt – Athletics C. Michael Phelps – Golf D. Roger Federer – Tennis 9 months ago KBC 11: Jitendra Singh failed to answer this Rs 6,40,000 question on Big B’s show First Published: 21st November, 2019 11:42 IST Written By 9 months ago KBC 7 Crore question: How cricket stopped Ajeet Kumar from winning ₹7 crores in KBC ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ Season 11’s Episode No. 68 saw a contestant from Rajasthan, Prerana take home a sum of ₹3.20 lakh. Although the contestant could have gone on to win a lot more, she could have also gone home with much lesser than that. On the seventh question, Prerana almost made the wrong choice when her knowledge of international sports was fully challenged. Have a look at what happened.ALSO READ | KBC 11: Jitender Singh Chouhan, a teacher from UP loses 6,40,00050:50 to the rescuePrerana had been going pretty well and had only used the ‘Audience Poll’ helpline in her journey till the sixth question. Having already won ₹20000, Prerana faced the seventh question for ₹40000.The question was “Which of the mentioned athletes have been matched with the wrong sport?”The options were ALSO READ | KBC 11: Taapsee Pannu speaks about her contribution in ‘War’ on the show 9 months ago KBC 11: Taapsee Pannu jokes about her contribution in the success of Hrithik-Tiger’s ‘War’ A. Aishwarya Rai B. Deepika Padukone C. Priyanka Chopra D. Sonam Kapoor SUBSCRIBE TO US WE RECOMMEND Last Updated: 21st November, 2019 11:42 IST KBC Contestant Prerana Uses 50:50 Lifeline For Question On Michael Phelps Worth Rs 40,000 Prerana from Rajasthan was on the hot seat when the 7th question of her game almost made her take an early exit. Read more about what happened in KBC Ep. 68. WATCH US LIVElast_img read more

‘Out of the Park Baseball XX’ predicts Nationals, Astros to meet in World Series

first_imgFAGAN: Hype around Phillies about more than Harper”OOTP” sees Harper putting up a batting line close to .257 with 33 home runs and 96 RBIs. That’s nearly identical to his production for the Nationals last season.It will certainly be a challenge for Washington to come out of the NL against quality division opponents and the likes of the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers, and then prevailing over the Astros, Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees — all teams currently perceived as having a better chance to win the World Series.”OOTP” definitely made an interesting call with the Nats rather settling on a safer choice. There will be no doubting the prediction ability of the video game series should it come to pass. AL predicted win totalsBoston Red Sox: 100Houston Astros: 98New York Yankees: 93Cleveland Indians: 93Tampa Bay Rays: 86Minnesota Twins: 82Los Angeles Angels: 82Toronto Blue Jays: 79Oakland Athletics: 76Seattle Mariners: 76Kansas City Royals: 74Texas Rangers: 74Detroit Tigers: 69Chicago White Sox: 64Baltimore Orioles: 58 “Out of the Park Baseball XX” is available now for PC and can be purchased through Steam or downloaded directly through the developer’s web store.Bryan Wiedey posts sports gaming news and analysis daily at Pastapadre.com, hosts the Press Row Podcast and can be reached on Twitter @Pastapadre. OOTP Developments https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/c6/18/out-of-the-park-baseball-xx-al-playoffs_wim2891gix471f9nwzm7lmkom.jpg?t=-904241807&w=500&quality=80 NL predicted win totalsWashington Nationals: 96Los Angeles Dodgers: 95Atlanta Braves: 89New York Mets: 89St. Louis Cardinals: 87Chicago Cubs: 85Philadelphia Phillies: 84Milwaukee Brewers: 83Arizona Diamondbacks: 81Colorado Rockies: 80Cincinnati Reds: 79San Diego Padres: 78Pittsburgh Pirates: 76San Francisco Giants: 71Miami Marlins: 56center_img OOTP Developments https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/81/c3/out-of-the-park-baseball-xx-nl-playoffs_1c203ffzcszkb1he7lw83pt5fg.jpg?t=-904216383&w=500&quality=80 The “Out of the Park” video game series has long been recognized for its award-winning simulation engine. It has an impressive track record with short- and long-term prognostications. In the past two years alone, the game has correctly called the World Series participants and eventual winners.With the 20th entry in the franchise just released, the team behind the game unveiled its official predictions for the 2019 MLB season; they include a team that lost a prominent free agent overcoming the odds to win the World Series.MORE: Watch ‘ChangeUp,’ a new MLB live whiparound show on DAZNOne of the biggest stories of the offseason was where Bryce Harper would sign as a free agent. Rather than return to the Washington Nationals, he chose to join the division-rival Philadelphia Phillies on a $13-year, $330 contract. That one transaction could shift the fates for both teams this season, but “Out of the Park Baseball XX” believes Washington will not just overcome the loss of Harper but thrive without him and capture the franchise’s first World Series crown, beating the Houston Astros.”OOTP’s” predictions are based on more than 1,000 season simulations.Many observers are looking forward to a battle between the Nats and the Harper-led Phillies for the NL East title, but “Out of the Park Baseball” doesn’t see the Phillies even making the postseason. The game predicts the team will finish fourth in the five-team division.last_img read more

Guyana, Venezuela should continue diplomatic talks – Henry Jeffrey

first_imgICJ Border CaseVenezuela has called for the Guyana Government to resume talks about the border controversy even though the Good Offices Process has expired, and former Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Henry Jeffrey is of the opinion that talks between the two countries should continue on a diplomatic level.Former Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Henry JeffreyDescribing Venezuela’s proposal as bold, Dr. Jeffrey says that while he does not agree with the proposal, it would nevertheless be in the best interest of both countries to continue talks on a tactful level. This, he said, does not necessarily have to be purely on the basis of addressing the controversy.“Guyana can’t stop talking to Venezuela, but what is it that they are talking about?” he asked rhetorically. “The Guyanese and Venezuelans will live together for the longest while, regardless (of) where the border is. Guyana has a position on the border, so there will always be discourse,” he opined.Dr. Jeffrey said he views Venezuela’s request, or proposal, as one that does not have any bearing, and one that shows “advantage to mess around and exercise unjust power.” But what Guyana is looking for, he said, is to bring a peaceful resolution to the century-old border controversy.Revisiting his suggestion that talks between Guyana and Venezuela continue, the former minister said talks should never cease, because Venezuela has already made its position clear that it will not accept the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the border controversy. Within that context, he said, Guyana must still find a way to continue to exist within the same space that borders the two countries.Apart from that, he said, both Guyana and Venezuela have embassies operating in each other’s country.Former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with President David Granger and Venezuelan President Nicolás MaduroDr. Jeffrey maintained that the credibility of the Nicolás Maduro Government of Venezuela will be tested now that a decision has been made to send the case to the ICJ. He believes the present Venezuela Government is too weak to carry the border controversy resolution decision to its people.At present, Venezuela is facing several international sanctions over rights and corruption allegations. Support for the Maduro Administration has declined sharply, and Venezuela’s economy has plunged deeper into a crisis that is marked by widespread shortages and a rise in inflation.Some two months after the United Nations Secretary General had handed over the Guyana-Venezuela border controversy case to the ICJ for final settlement, formal proceedings were filed on June 30, asking the World Court to confirm the legal validity and binding effect of the 1899 Arbitral Award. Guyana’s application was submitted to the ICJ by Second Vice President and Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge.This application follows a decision by UN Secretary General António Guterres earlier this year to choose the ICJ as the next means of resolving the controversy, which arose as a result of Venezuela’s contention that the Arbitral Award of 1899 in regard to the frontier between British Guiana and Venezuela was null and void.According to Guyana’s application to the World Court, Venezuela had, for more than 60 years, consistently recognised and respected the validity of the binding force of the 1899 Award and the 1905 Map agreed by both sides in furtherance of the Award.Guyana maintains that the 1899 Arbitral Tribunal Award that settled the boundary between Guyana and Venezuela was full and final, but Venezuela has, for several decades, registered its diplomatic and military objection to Guyana’s development of its natural resources onshore and offshore.Venezuela, with almost 40 times the population of Guyana and a territory that is several times bigger, has purported to claim, in 1968, the entire territorial sea of Guyana by means of the Leoni Decree, which has never been withdrawn.Relations between Guyana and Venezuela have worsened ever since oil giant ExxonMobil announced in 2015 that it had found oil offshore Guyana. Venezuela has staunchly been against oil exploration in Guyana’s Stabroek Block, where multiple oil deposits have been found by ExxonMobil.In fact, Venezuela’s National Assembly had approved an agreement to reject the oil exploration activities in March 2017.last_img read more