All Seasons Sportsmen Expo canceled

first_imgThe event typically holds several outdoor and sportsmen-focused vendors along with seminars and workshops at the Delaware County fairgrounds. In a Facebook post, the organizers say that due to the coronavirus pandemic they have to cancel this years event originally scheduled for May 30th. Organizers say if you have made a payment to the Walton Chamber of Commerce for sponsorship, or to be a vendor, you will receive a refund check soon. WALTON (WBNG)- The 3rd annual All Seasons Sportsmen Expo in Walton has been canceled for this year. They say that if anyone has any questions, to message the Expo or send them an email at: [email protected]last_img read more

PCP: NBA Comeback POY

first_imgMcGrathThe NBA gives out many awards every season, from MVP to the Sixth Man to even the “Most Improved” — the league’s equivalent of the little-league participation award. Today, rather than argue who the MVP is or some other tired argument, we debate what player is most deserving of any award.When it comes to the NBA’s most important postseason award, the Comeback Player of the Year, there is really only one choice.Most obviously, the choice has to be Renaldo Balkman of the New York Knicks. Balkman, a rookie swingman from South Carolina, at first glance might not seem to qualify, not having an NBA off-year to come back from. However, no player more epitomizes the idea of coming back than Balkman.In his junior and senior years playing for the Gamecocks, Balkman brought his team to the NIT championship twice, an almost unprecedented feat. He was king of NCAA mediocrity.When he was drafted by Isaiah Thomas in the reach of the century, few believed that he could lead his team back to Madison Square Garden for the third year in a row. But against all odds, he not only did it, but he did it 41 times.He came back to Garden, and it was glorious.He also was able to guide his team back to mediocrity, as the Knicks — who even Nostradamus predicted would be the worst team in the league — weren’t quite putrid as they were just “third-day sox smelly.”Balkman even led his team as far away from the promised land as possible in the meantime, navigating the Knicks out of almost any chance of Greg Oden, a.k.a. their salvation.Point: Balkman.PoppyTypically a former No. 1 overall pick doesn’t have a shot at winning the prestigious Comeback Player of the Year award. However, that is not the case in the NBA this season.Michael Olowokandi came into the league eight years ago and, putting it nicely, sucked. While he hasn’t gotten much better this season, he has been helping his team out tremendously — and for that alone the Kandi Man is a no-brainer for this award.Putting on a Celtics jersey this year was like giving childbirth. Or like studying for a final for a class that you have yet to buy the book. Heck, it was like slipping on a pair of gasoline drawers and walking through hell. Nevertheless, Olowokandi did it night in and night out — and as horribly as he possibly could.An average of 1.7 points and 2.0 rebounds from a 7-foot center would usually warrant a title such as, “Pile of Waste.” That is, only if you’re looking at pure numbers. The fact is Olowokandi has been the Celtics’ best contributor this season — he is helping Boston wrap up some more ping-pong balls for the Draft Lottery. Olowokandi knows it, and head coach Doc Rivers knows it. Now it’s time for the rest of the Association to know it, so ‘Kandi can get the recognition he deserves.The NBA probably has some rules as to what defines its Comeback Player of the Year. Who cares? David Stern needs to recognize Olowokandi changed his game drastically to help the Celtics. He went from kind of bad to horrible to just downright Sam Bowie-esque — all for the better of his team.For the big stench Olowokandi has caused in Boston this season, he could make something smell good in Stinkville in the form of Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.The Celtics just better hope next year’s No. 1 pick doesn’t turn out like Olowokandi.last_img read more