Love Shanghai June update to Han Xin


now has two editors, is what all don’t understand.



on the same server site, and included a snapshot of the reaction and the situation is the same, do not do the analysis, we see his anti chain: from about 245 down 45! This can explain not only my site drop right or be K, many websites also included * right! Because most of the chain of the website is published in A5 reproduced form, it can be said that the quality is very high, Shanghai seems to love the object of punishment also includes the acquisition station, yesterday in Shanghai dragon why saw some people say that the love of Shanghai mainly for a large number of original website, seems a little evidence of read more

How to improve the pass rate of Shanghai love experience

made a lot of new sex Shanghai experience mistakes, such as the love experience of Shanghai is the subject of "website construction process", but the content is mostly on website optimization knowledge, in the procedure to clear, logical. At the same time, the title and the Shanghai encyclopedia, love love Shanghai know, cannot contain a URL, URL if the title appears, love can not be certain of experience through Shanghai.

content to normal

link and experience meet the love experience of Shanghai through an important reference standard, the general sex experience of Shanghai is to make a high quality of the chain in the reference. But there are two cases, and the chain is not through. One is that if the link is the title of Shanghai and love experience does not meet is not granted by a link; there is reference inside the Shanghai experience and love the content does not meet the not given by. read more