Qinghai National Day holiday travel four reminder

The holiday came, a lot of people in Qinghai have travel plans, but at the train station, the scenic area, even on the road, accidentally, likely to encounter "third hand!" These situations are especially careful.

station reportWhen the

queuing up to buy tickets that third hand……


in the station, don’t let your hand luggage out of your sight;

text area

drunkenly put pose pictures, is the best time for thieves;

in the area lined up to buy tickets, accidentally, with the road;


when abnormal congestion, alert;

when you child……


children to go out with the best not a person, this will give the thief a lot of opportunities;

in fact, in the final analysis, the thief trick is to start when you do not pay attention to. Eleven long holiday, when we must travel to stay in mind oh!

during the holiday, many people will choose to go to the mall shopping, many thieves will choose these have the purchasing power of customers;

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