Province to strengthen the supervision of food and beverage in the college entrance examination

In the college entrance examination during the deployment to strengthen food safety supervision work, the provincial food and drug administration. Which requires food and drug regulatory departments at all levels to carry out a variety of promotional activities, and actively guide the majority of candidates healthy diet, scientific consumption, enhance food safety awareness and self-protection.

the Bureau of food and drug supervision departments at all levels to implement the requirements of the regulatory responsibility, and strengthen local education, health and other departments to communicate and establish a cooperation mechanism, strengthen the joint inspection of law enforcement, focusing on the school canteen, candidates accommodation and the surrounding catering units especially small restaurants catering food safety comprehensive supervision and inspection. The school canteen and catering service operators should strictly follow the "food safety law" requirements, strict implementation of the provisions of the system, serious investigation of food safety problems, take effective measures to eliminate food safety hazards. The Bureau stressed that health food and drug supervision departments at all levels that focus on examination of the examination room around the food service units and certified practitioners; food safety food procurement, storage, processing and other aspects; whether there is scope, overload phenomenon hosted dinner activities, supervise food service units to improve and implement food raw materials purchase inspection, certificate the ticket, tableware disinfection, food sample and other food safety management system, strictly processing expired metamorphism and toxic food, prohibited the use of non food substances and the abuse of food additives, prohibited the use of mortality or unknown causes of livestock and poultry and their products, add illicit drugs, "drainage oil".  

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