With the snow blowing machine in Datong

November 30th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of the first greenhouse snowthrower distribution ceremony was held, 170 knapsack mechanical snow blower issued to all facilities of agricultural production base of Huang Jia Zhai Zhen, for farmers to blow the snow on the greenhouse Caolian bring convenience.

as a plateau region, winter snow to the facilities of agricultural production to bring a lot of inconvenience, winter snow blocking the sun, so that the rapid decline in greenhouse temperature, causing damage to greenhouse vegetables. At the same time, the heavy snow in winter will cause the greenhouse to collapse, which will bring huge losses to the agricultural facilities. It is understood that the Datong County each year because of heavy snow in the greenhouse collapsed and damaged phenomenon have occurred, bring a lot of loss to the farmers. Application of snow blower, can in a short time to remove greenhouse grass, insulation is above the snow, not only reduce the labor intensity in artificial snow, snow on the greenhouse and from harm caused by the rolling machine at the same time, also increased the greenhouse illumination time and intensity, for the winter and spring season vegetable breeding to create a good environment. (author: Zhao Junjie Zhao Tongyun)

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