Talk about the new changes in the new Xining veteran cadres

"The municipal Party committee and government have done a lot of work to overcome various difficulties, and achieved remarkable results."

"in the municipal government under the leadership of Xining, happiness is getting closer and closer to us!"

"these results we see in the eyes, joy in the heart."


"NPC and CPPCC" in Xining will be held, used to work in retired cadres were all fronts in Xining, for the city’s economic and social development have made important contributions, always pay attention to the development and changes in Xining to review 2015, they say the new perspective changes, Xining little new wonderful, with their feel the witness of social undertakings in Xining city on the upgrade and change rapidly. Although the old cadres who have retired at home, but they still have deep feelings for Xining, in Xining in 2016, the two sessions held on the occasion of Xining better and better, more and more people’s happiness in the city of hope.

play for the construction of happy Xining

the hearts of the people to do things

The former chairman of the Standing Committee of the city of Ma Xiaofei /
City environmental quality

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