Xining model workers for the first time to enjoy three gold treatment

The "51" on the eve of the municipal Party committee, Minister of propaganda department, City Union president Wang Haihong led the relevant personnel, 138 city municipal model workers sent condolence payments 138 thousand yuan, 29 low-income workers sent grants 234 thousand yuan, 25 workers sent to the difficulties helping gold 116 thousand yuan. This is the first time to enjoy the city level model workers three gold treatment.

in support of the municipal government of the city, I have introduced the "Xining city model worker selection and management Interim Measures", "model worker of Xining City Spring Festival condolences gold, the difficulties of low-income subsidies and special difficulties assistance fund management Interim Measures". This is since 1983 condolences to the workers congress named in recognition of the previous model workers and keep the honorary title of the municipal model workers, they in their ordinary jobs, has for the city’s economic and social undertakings have made a positive contribution, because part of the model worker disease and other causes temporary difficulties, the party and the government in a timely manner to they lent a helping hand.

in recent years, the trade union organizations to further explore and improve the working mechanism, do a good job in the management of model workers and service for the model workers as the focus of work. Many organizations to study the model workers out of study and medical treatment, broaden their horizons, to protect their physical and mental health. Model workers on behalf of the organization to participate in the city’s major events and important rallies, to guide the majority of model workers to contribute to the economic and social development of our city. To mobilize the whole society to care and support workers live and work, strive for the policy treatment for model workers, and for them to solve practical problems, to ensure the implementation of the policy model in place, promote the whole society to form a good wind care workers, learning model workers, model workers, model workers are still striving to advocate.


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