Western focus interviews 33 leaders

Individual departments did not cause enough attention, heavy business, light party……" Recently, the Standing Committee of the West District Commission for Discipline Inspection two batches centralized interviewed the main person in charge of 33 key posts, one pointed out that in the "post double responsibility", the implementation of the two responsibilities in the existing problems, put forward the weak link in the risk prevention measures, to achieve full coverage, honest honest interviews.

to top quickly, a smoke too often. In order to ensure that the interview does not go, effective, Chengxi District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the implementation of regular interviews matters tracking inspectors to implement the requirements of the interviews and ordered rectification, the rectification start accountability procedures, the real investigation unit is responsible and the responsibility of supervision. As of now, Tilly Su Ji thorough investigation of 26, focusing on the 15, 5 people were accountable (among them, 1 were expelled from the public, 1 leading cadres have been removed), 8 units number one is warning interviews. At the same time, the media to play a supervisory role, to build the west district "sunshine agriculture websit" construction, opened 6 "sunshine hotline communication double line" column, effectively promoted the transformation of the work style, to create the sun, the government has obvious effect.  

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