Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce case investigation work to achieve new breakthrough

 , Xining City Bureau of industry and commerce to pay close attention to the case of the investigation and handling of work, so that the number of cases handled, the quality has been greatly raised

L, the case investigated the field has also been further expanded.

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau established source discovery mechanism, case assessment incentive mechanism, integration mechanism, law enforcement forces confiscated property supervision mechanism, the case of

investigate and deal with institutional mechanisms and other five mechanisms, and the development of the administrative licensing (non license approval behavior) quality assessment review criteria, administrative penalty

amount of reference standards for the implementation of the two standards, further standardize the work of law enforcement investigators. Up to now, Xining City Industrial and commercial system investigated all kinds of illegal

violation cases 2876, a total value of 21 million 744 thousand yuan, the closing rate reached 98%, the collection of fines of 6 million 486 thousand and 200 yuan, the completion of the goals and tasks of 190%

. In the investigation of commercial bribery, illegal pyramid schemes, industry monopoly, false investment and other illegal cases have also made new breakthroughs in the investigation of commercial bribery cases

5 pieces, 4 cases of illegal pyramid schemes, unfair competition cases of 73, false investment cases of 11.

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