Provincial Network letter office organized to carry out the activities of network members grassroots

5 26 September, the provincial Internet Information Office organized the provincial key news website, the central news sites where channel media and propaganda staff more than 20 people in the Salar Autonomous County of Xunhua, to carry out a one-day propaganda campaign staff at the grassroots level.

to carry out this activity, is positive for giving full play to the role of the central news sites of local channel provincial key news website, and our province declared the network member, vigorously promote national unity and carry out precise poverty alleviation work in our province, the experience of success, to create a poverty alleviation and national unity good atmosphere of public opinion.

activity, we visited the cha Han Du Si Xiang food basket project, poverty alleviation projects, poverty alleviation and understanding of the work of national unity innovation measures and successful experience, feel the new changes of cadres and the masses of new style, production and life. We carefully write micro comments, make full use of WeChat and other carriers to promote the economic development of Xunhua County, national unity, social stability, people live and work in peace and happiness of the scene.


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