Wisdom tourism scenery

National Day holiday, Qinghai earth is filled with a strong festive atmosphere. And in previous years, the holiday is different, this year, the province’s tourism market is filled with the wisdom of the taste.How to go to

in July this year, the Qinghai Lake scenic area opened WeChat shake and WeChat paid ticket ticketing function, through the intelligence tourism to accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment together, realize the integration of Internet plus tourism resources, tourists no longer confused. "A person out of tourism, please tour guide is not worthwhile, now," the voice of Qinghai Lake tourism guide "WeChat public number, Qinghai Lake attractions are explained in detail, the free play, one does not fall under the beauty." Li Kai said.

this "landscape", all from our province to actively promote online travel services, network marketing, online booking, online payment and other smart tourism services, and actively promote the wisdom of tourism industry, the pace of information technology, more intelligent, personalized information and tourism services for tourists.

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