Xining Railway Station line transition and transition depot laying entered a crucial stage

As a key project of Xining rail station transformation, by the China Railway five Bureau of Xining Railway Station renovation and construction headquarters responsible for the construction of the Xining Railway Station transition line and depot laying entered a crucial stage of transition.

since March 2013, entering the construction, the command staff participation efforts to overcome the time limit for the project, business line construction safety risk, rainy days, cross operation points, material hard approach and other difficulties, carefully organized, inverted schedule, constantly optimize the refinement of construction organization. A command is to strengthen communication and contact with the owners, supervision units and equipment, rely on the acceptance of Duan Luji, forming a timely laying period. Two is according to the actual situation of rainy days, to all participating employees with a raincoat and boots, and a race against time, whether sunny or rainy day, overtime rush schedule schedule. The three is taken to increase the vehicle, by night to avoid ballast and rail transportation, vehicle approach during the day by city limit line influence on the engineering construction schedule. Four is to carefully organize the "battle for 40 days, to ensure that the transition and the transition line of Xining Railway Station station opened on time" as the theme of the "six six hit" labor contest, Jiangyoufalie, inspire and mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the masses of workers, creating everyone striving to advanced, catch up with everyone a good atmosphere for advanced. To promote the construction progress is accelerating.


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