Xining remediation bus site occupied behavior

Xining city traffic police detachment since December 24, 2015 to carry out the work of the occupation of the bus site remediation activities, a total of 26 out of the city was occupied by serious site, and some stations remediation. Railway station bus station, Hing Road Primary School, stone slope street, Garden Street 4 site remediation results.

"bus for the remediation site is occupied", Xining traffic police detachment for general taxi, black car showmanship, illegally parked vehicles and other social behavior, and increase the intensity and frequency of inspections, and cooperate with the illegal operation of vehicles and parking management to strengthen governance; for medical, education and other facilities around the station, to inform parents don’t pick students at the bus station for temporary parking, parking lot entrance counseling, counseling staff security work to coordinate the way to the bus station; setting itself flawed, were moved to station, and station or station reconstruction to solve actively coordinating with relevant departments.

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