Wang Yubo stressed that through various aspects of multi level help so that tens of thousands of sma

Yesterday afternoon, the Xining municipal government held the city to help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment activities summary of the general assembly, the activities of the emergence of the 14 advanced collectives and 34 advanced individuals were commended. Mayor Wang Yubo will accelerate the development of small and micro enterprises speech, stressed that all localities and departments should strengthen on the market main body, cultivate market main body, market service consciousness, from the design of policy, and enliven the financial training, elements of security, environment, multi-level, best service work and strive to create a good situation in the whole society to care for and support the development of the real economy, let thousands on thousands of Small and micro businesses to grow up. Xu Guocheng, vice mayor of the city to help enterprises steady growth adjustment structure activities carried out summary.

‘s "help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities since the municipal government attaches great importance to municipal leaders linking point helping, research guidance; the county departments with reality, actively cooperate with the working group; in-depth business, coordinate and solve problems, to ensure that the activities and carry out. Provincial, city, district (county) deployed cadres at all levels, with hard work and tireless efforts to transfer the provincial government and enterprises to tide over the crisis of confidence and determination to make the greatest efforts to help enterprises solve practical difficulties, won praise from small and micro enterprises.

Wang Yubo stressed the cultivation of enterprise total expansion, to solve real business problems, help enterprises bigger and stronger, to create more wealth for the society, which is the eternal theme of economic work, the key way is to accelerate the development of. All localities and departments should accelerate the development of all types of market entities, and to support Small and micro businesses, cultivate various types of market players are determined to take as an important task to promote the city’s sustained and healthy economic development, persevere grasp it.

Wang Yubo pointed out that we talk about development, is to be real, no water, can lead to full employment, and effectively increase the development of the income of the masses. Therefore, it is necessary to establish and improve the system of staff training and incentive system, strengthen skills training, the establishment of a large number of employment incubators, and constantly improve the quality and ability of people to adapt to employment, and promote entrepreneurship to promote employment. To help enterprises as an important concept of government work, an important responsibility to persevere. Further improve the working mechanism to further improve the conditions for the development of small and micro enterprises, to ensure the continued growth of various types of market players and the rapid development of small and medium enterprises. (author: Shi Fei)


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