District property management has added 80 new cleaning into three noes hospital building

in the region area, the "three noes" hospital building, environmental hygiene, management confusion, unclear responsibilities, the implementation of "management mechanism three" building homes in Chengbei District of Xining City, according to every 100 households of 1 clean-up standards, 80 new cleaning area into buildings, "three" responsible for the daily cleaning.

implementation of the "three noes" long-term management mechanism of the hospital building focus on the independent management of the residents of the hospital, the implementation of the old family hospital environmental health by the urban management and the town, and the relevant community responsible system. The north area will be in the region within the selected 1 to 2 mature buildings as property management pilot, the implementation of the "low standard and low fees, appropriate compensation" property management mode, by the families of hospital leaders funded the establishment of the property company, the recruitment of staff responsible for environmental sanitation cleaning cleaning and security guard. Among them, the government according to 20 yuan / square meters / month / household subsidy funds, after running through the fees charged property (0.20 yuan / square meters / household / month) and parking fees to fill part of the funds; the hospital building residents health fee in accordance with the principle of territoriality by the community in accordance with the relevant standards according to the actual household to collect fees. Pay according to the amount charged 50% sanitation department in charge of garbage disposal fee, the remaining part of funding for community work, key infrastructure for the old family member courtyard investment, in order to promote the area of "three noes" buildings of the gradual implementation of standards of property management. (author: Peng Nafan health building)

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