Spring school fees check shows that Xining does not occur arbitrary charges

spring before the opening, the Xining Municipal Bureau of education to carry out the joint seven departments in charge of education in spring inspection. Yesterday, the City Board of education informed the inspection: the school preparatory work is full, the students report in an orderly manner, did not find the phenomenon of arbitrary charges, report complaints telephone significantly reduced.

from March 2nd to 6, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education jointly set up a joint meeting of the inspection team to check the city’s 34 primary and secondary school fees in spring. The county education department has sent a special inspection team to carry out inspection fees and education work, in different forms according to the examination of the East District of 19 schools, 20 schools in the north area of inspection, inspection Huangzhong county more than and 100 schools.


of the schools are able to carry out publicity and education fees in accordance with the price department, through the audit fees, standard fees, the publicity column on students’ fees, charges based supervision in important position of public publicity, consciously accept the supervision of society, parents and students. In accordance with the provisions of the project and the standard charges, to be issued by the financial uniform printing of student fees. Parents do a clear school fees, students understand, enhance the transparency of the charging work. The primary and secondary schools are in strict accordance with the relevant provisions, the school of the agency matters relating to allow the formation of overall purchase price, profit to students, to the actual purchase price to the student fees, reduce the burden of parents; no compulsory education compulsory students unified purchase supplementary information, reading behavior, high school can be strictly enforced the "three limited policy", a set of supplementary information in strict accordance with the requirements and procedures for approval.

but in the inspection also found some problems: incomplete norms in place of public charges are not standardized, the lack of individual county hotlines printed publicity table, a few open pre-school school not for publicity of pre-school expenses; parts of textbooks fees publicity is not detailed; minority schools and individual private schools charge bills the project is not standard, not clear, and the provisions of the license fee of the project does not match the individual county; the school of rural compulsory education stage from the beginning of this spring stop charge accommodation policy have not allowed, such problems, the inspection process all be timely rectification. (author: he arrow)


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