The construction of the hospital without walls this year the province will achieve full coverage of

in the pilot work of comprehensive health care reform this year, in order to further improve and perfect the classification treatment system, the province will improve the service ability of primary health care institutions as the focus, the establishment of clinics grading system perfect, to achieve full coverage of conjoined formation, promote the formation of "the establishment of the first primary diagnosis, acute and chronic treatment, two-way referral, grading the diagnosis and treatment of" reasonable medical order and pattern. This is the reporter learned from the provincial health care reform in May 16th.

Medical Association, also known as "no fence hospital". The formation of full coverage for the realization of conjoined, our province will be based on the existing regional medical group, to further improve the Provincial Medical Association to the provincial people’s Hospital as the core of the regional medical consortium in Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University as the core of the National Medical Association in Tibet hospital as the core; the formation of professional subject Association, the the women and children hospital of Qinghai Red Cross Hospital were led the formation of the two disciplines of Pediatrics and obstetrics Association, is scheduled to be completed by the end of June this year; the formation of the city and township compact medical conjoined, 1 cities (prefectures), 2 counties (city, district) to form the city (state) as the leading city hospital (state), county (city, district), township (town) compact medical conjoined, is scheduled to be completed by the end of September this year; to achieve full coverage of county rural integrated management, the province’s 46 counties (city, District, County Rural Comprehensive Development Committee) And the community health service center for integrated management of medical services, the project will be completed by the end of December this year.

in the specific initiatives, the province will link the 60 medical teams sent troops and implement the province hospital of Liaoning, as the county general hospital, provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and the conditions of the maternal and child health center building 2 – 3 professional disciplines, to achieve full coverage of county hospital discipline aid; the coordination of Beijing and other six provinces (city six) of our province Tibetan Hospital aid to work, capital, technology, personnel training and telemedicine as the focus, to achieve full coverage of state aid Tibetan Hospital; by the provincial industry and troops in three hospitals, part of the city (state) level hospital sent 56 medical teams, the precise helping in surgery the surgical team mainly carried out 55 county-level hospitals in the province, county hospitals precision aid coverage; by 15, the provincial industry and military hospital aid 94 township health centers, municipalities (state), 301 hospitals in the county to help each other.


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