Xining plans to invest 5 billion 160 million of the implementation of the livelihood of the people o

  2016, Xining city plans to invest 5 billion 160 million yuan for the people’s livelihood projects, compared to last year, an increase of 600 million yuan, involving the precise poverty alleviation, smooth Xining three years the crucial action of housing security, "10 aspects of 40 specific projects.

precise poverty alleviation, the implementation of the eight batch of precise poverty alleviation action plan to complete the task of 80 people out of poverty in the village of 26 thousand. Implementation of the relocation of poverty alleviation projects, relocation 1000, 4000. The implementation of cadres in the village of poverty alleviation project, in 80 poor villages to carry out agricultural production technology promotion services. Cultivate professional cooperatives 200 farmers, family farms, pasture, support more than 100 leading enterprises in the city of 10. Full coverage of rural drinking water safety standards, covering 30 thousand people.

in the smooth operation of the Xining three years, the completion of the widening of the Kunlun bridge and Ledu pedestrian overpass project, get off the West Main Street broken road. New (changed) to build a public transit port 60, new (optimization) bus lines 26, the new bus station 298. Increase public temporary parking lot construction, 311 public parking and the implementation of unified management. To promote the construction of intelligent transportation, the new city of 565 monitoring probes, the implementation of Xining City, 150 km Greenway Construction projects. In addition, also will be in the "insurance for price stability, environmental protection, medicine and health, education, cultural development, social security, human settlements and peace building" eight aspects of the implementation of the contiguous rural environment remediation and innovation of basic public health services, shantytowns and other 31 projects to benefit the people of the capital.


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