How much money to join the Yellow barbecue

choose the catering market dragons and fishes jumbled together what brand is better? What do you think of barbecue? Remove the hot pot industry investment enthusiasm, it is the most popular consumer favorite barbecue. Barbecue investment to join the election on the Yellow barbecue. Huang barbecue is a traditional Shandong snacks, establishment has been three hundred years of history, the whole pig Huang barbecue grilled, a listing of consumers, in addition to the long history, unique and delicious taste and rich nutrition combination is the consumer favorite reason Royal barbecue, you don’t have to join the Royal barbecue. Worry about business, make sure you earn bowl full. So, how much home to join the Yellow barbecue


How much does it cost to join the

family barbecue?

franchise fee:

5 to 100 thousand

management fee: 5000 yuan per year

margin: 20 thousand

join chain advantage:

300 years of history of prominent brand: Huang barbecue has a long history, famous brand is well known at home and abroad. After hundreds of years of development, the development of dozens of generations has far-reaching influence and profound cultural connotation. Huang barbecue is a gilded signboard, through the test, the number of generations of consumers are both young and old, for having heard it many times.

process: from the year Zuzhuanmifang authentic Zhangqiu City barbecue workshop development has a history of a hundred years old prime number Huang barbecue "successor Mr. Huang Wuzhong retains the craft and recipe authentic Huang barbecue. Baked products exquisite workmanship, authentic taste, the government identified and support the time-honored brand name, famous.

strong advocacy, business development and low cost for many franchisees, before and after the opening of the busiest and most worry about is how to let customers know about their stores and merchandise, therefore, need to invest a lot of experience and resources, and the effect is difficult to guarantee. Huang barbecue has also declared spread, CCTV and local radio stations, newspapers and other media reports continue to join, Huang barbecue, in terms of publicity can save a lot of time and cost, so that operators can focus on business.


operation is simple: Huang barbecue has a stable and huge market demand, coupled with the name of the whole pig, baked, prominent selling point, often a listing would concern, favored by customers. In addition, a gift is Fengnianguojie group purchase and gifts. Franchisees run rice, millet and other water Longshan famous specialty of Zhangqiu can also be a considerable increase in operating income.

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