Decontamination of the social environment of Panzhihua anti ADS work effective

with the media exposure in the side, we see a lot of stars on the road of drug addiction, for their own physical and mental and performing arts cause a greater damage. In order to purify the social environment, this year, the implementation of the municipal leadership package Panzhihua, the Municipal Department of the package point of double package mode, in the field of responsibility to carry out anti drug publicity, education, prevention, rehabilitation and other work. Purify the social environment, Panzhihua anti drug AIDS prevention work, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

as of now, I captured the outflow of 71 people, compared with 119 last year, down 40.34%; seized drug addicts 1615 passengers, administrative detention of 1593 people, 557 people forced isolation treatment, ordered community drug rehabilitation community drug rehabilitation community of 230 passengers, the implementation rate of 90.22%.

Panzhihua since 1994 reported the first case of AIDS cases, the city reported a total of 1790 people living with HIV infection and the patient, as of now, the number of new AIDS cases fell by 4.1%.

drugs as a demon, has the ability to manipulate people, once infected with want to quit is also very difficult, so the majority of the public from the beginning need to recognize the dangers of drugs. At present, the city built a total of 1 laboratory confirmed AIDS testing laboratory, CD4 cells 4, viral load testing laboratories 1, 15 laboratory screening, rapid detection of point 64, AIDS testing laboratories covering the city’s Township, community and medical institutions; and as 1 outpatient methadone and methadone Eastern Miyi County, West District, extension 3, CDC established methadone drug special warehouses, responsible for the city’s community drug maintenance treatment technology management and the city point extension of medicine drug delivery work.

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