The shop loaded door will have an influence on the business

the weather is cold, cold wind whistling shops with People are hurrying to and fro. went home, inside the drill, therefore, many owners think do some hands at the door". In short, as the weather turns cold every day, in order to keep the shop a little better. Now there are many retailers’ store with the behavior problem of heating; also tangled.

This is not

, the day before yesterday I saw a website in the peer interactive platform to ask: the door or curtain glass door business have no effect? For this problem, I pay attention to the following answer. Although the vast majority of the answer to the question is retail, but the answer is divided into two kinds: the answer is to affect the business; one answer is not affected business. To see this, appreciate the peer at complex mood, I can not help but think of an experience he had with the curtain.

although the author’s shop close to residential areas. But it may be because of the high building wind (shop opposite is a 16 storey Hotel), so that every winter I shop with icy cold, the shop to the inner door is a moment not sloppy, "close the door" when we speak in winter most of the words.

in order to solve the problem of cold winter guard store, we decided to put the curtain in the winter of 2003, taking into account if the 3.2 meter wide door all installed on the door, may have an impact on the operation of the door curtain, so we loaded door before, specially in the shop door on each side with a surface of a floor type meters wide transparent glass. That is to say, except on both sides of the glass door, the door only 1.2 meters in width. Not to mention, after the transformation of the store is indeed much warmer than before.

because the curtain and glass doors are installed in winter, and the winter is our line of business off-season, so the beginning we did not feel effects caused to the loaded door store business for a long time, it is more difficult to feel. But don’t feel does not mean that there is no effect, but we found a little late for this effect, we removed the curtain that late and found the glass door.

2007, or just a warm weather, we will give the curtain down, just and the past is different: the glass door also Shundaizhao removed. Is strange to say, with the glass curtain and a split, come to the shop to buy things like suddenly a lot more. For this phenomenon, I think it is due to enter the sales season. However, the author of this idea was soon broken.

things to say this, it is estimated that a friend would like to ask the author to break the idea of who is it? Now I come to tell you, of course, this is after we split up the curtain know, a brand of beverage manufacturers salesman. After a number of cooperation, it may be felt that the sales of our drinks is not bad, after a set of goods he actually complained to himself

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