Jiangxi Zhangshu City three policy returning power employment

Zhangshu City in Jiangxi province

launched a new "three plan" policy, such as migrant workers returning home for business personnel employment has brought great convenience, in such a good environment, more people are willing to return to employment!

innovative services, optimize business environment. Actively coordinate the implementation of the policy of small loans, loans to meet the requirements of the policy object in help, efforts to create "policy + money + service" business support chain; at the same time to strengthen the pre job training and job skills training, and strive to create "training employment service" integration pattern, open up "Easy Access" for home business, to ensure the talent attracted into, stay, good use.

typical drive, the rise of entrepreneurship. Give full play to the positive role of the typical model, with their entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial inspiration morale, attract management and technical personnel, college students, migrant workers and veterans in the home business, realize the talents returning and capital return, the project to move back, gather momentum, to stimulate the development of vitality.

2016 support migrant workers returning home to work in the provinces and cities believe that efforts to achieve a breakthrough in the development, but also believe that under the leadership of innovation and entrepreneurship policy, China’s economy will become increasingly strong!


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