You must know the three points of the food and beverage business

low threshold of food and beverage business, technology is not high, the risk of high returns, many investors are optimistic about the reasons for the development of the food and beverage industry. In the course of business, many people are lack of experience, with the experience of others, not their own characteristics, do not know what are the problems in the course of business, do not understand business, eventually leading to failure of the restaurant, for this problem, the following is the summary of the problems of


catering investment venture these three points you must know

recognize consumer needs

a lot of entrepreneurs who shop is to see: people think that in many places there will be many consumers. No investigation, no analysis of the consumer, a lot of people blind shop, because there is no clear understanding of consumers, consumers are not recognized for the restaurant, no clear understanding of consumer demand, and the market compared to other brands, our restaurant is not what the obvious competitive advantage, leading to what no restaurant opened, eventually leading to failure of the restaurant.

blind open shop


site is very important for the catering industry, many entrepreneurs in the choice of a good location to shop, not according to the market and their own situation, some do not meet the market opened stores, resulting in the restaurant operation cost is very high, but the consumer market consumption ability is not so high, the consumption power of ignorance. The restaurant is always in a state of loss, the final collapse.

do not do business research

features can enhance the recognition of their own restaurant brand, which is one aspect of the restaurant business. There is another aspect of the problem, that is, the size of the business district, the size of the business district to determine the flow of people, the greater the business district, the greater the flow of people, the base of their own brand of consumers will be more. Any one category of food and beverage is not able to occupy all consumers, the size of the business district has a decisive impact on customer traffic. This is the brand can not do. It is also very important to choose a good business district.

above is the food and beverage business in the business process of a need to pay attention to a few problems, I believe we are very clear!

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