The business field You know a few

business field fraud, deception is also very smart, many new entrepreneurs will not consciously be deceived, and then take a lot of business detours. I want to do business, you must be able to identify those tricks on business. Following the business field of legerdemain, entrepreneurs know a few.

this liar is generally fake local famous enterprises, say to want to buy your product, luring you hooked. Once I was cheated by a liar in Anhui, Anqing, he said that the Anqing food factory, the state-owned enterprises, to buy our products. I checked the national machinery enterprise directory, hit 114, his address, the phone really exists, I think anyway, Xi’an is not far from Anqing, went to a trip. I have a taxi on the Anqing to the driver to understand the situation of the factory, into the factory and asked the guard, the basic is determined to be a liar (just rented a group of their factory, the guard did not know it!) Again, they hastily into the office decoration is good, not talk about 3 minutes to the rebate!

said complete sets of equipment, large-scale project bidding, collecting entry fees, fees, mortgage payments and commissions…… The traps are really, there are fake, fake and it is easy to see through, "jiangtaigong fishing, who are willing to buy" activities, can not blame others.

Mining fraud: "our factory to send welfare workers……"

pretexting is Moumou factory supply division of cadres, labor insurance, welfare, purchasing and other prizes by phone, he told you to go over there and then signed a supply contract, Pianchipianhe cheat rebate. Unit 99% what they said is fake, preferably through the 114 check real unit number, then make a decision. This type of fraud are mainly concentrated in Anhui and Jiangxi Shangrao, generally in the day before the evening, they cheat season.

"agent" fraud: "your agency of our products……"

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