How much money the western restaurant venture capital

restaurant in a variety of forms, join a variety of options, how to choose? Now many entrepreneurs at the beginning of the business compared to a large number of advantages after joining the information have chosen to open a Western restaurant. Of course, everything has been clearly understood after the entrepreneur is most concerned about the issue of venture capital. How much does it cost to open a western restaurant? Here’s a simple estimate.

1, joined the margin, brand operators choose to join the way, are generally in order to expand the influence of the brand, the brand bigger and stronger. In order to ensure that the brand is a positive effect, the brand will generally be charged to join a certain number of franchisees to ensure that the franchisee to strictly enforce the franchise contract;

2, with the cost, in order to ensure the normal operation of Western-style food stores, Western-style food franchisees need in government departments for a variety of shop must handle documents, including business license, health permit etc.. For these licenses are not free, you need to spend about 3000 yuan to handle.

3, rental shops, shops are open based Western-style food stores, regardless of whether the franchisee is rental also buy their own, need to spend some money, this money is not the only discussion, and the lessor, at a low price rental, can also save a part of the capital. When it comes to rent, you may also need to know about how to choose the appropriate location of the knowledge.

4, decoration costs, elegant dining environment is a major feature of Western food franchise stores, consumers enjoy a good diet is an important standard. Therefore, franchisees need to decorate the Western-style food stores, perhaps brands provide decoration scheme, but need to join the change according to the local consumer tendency, best can make the lowest prices and best decoration style.

5, the purchase of equipment and the purchase of production equipment and production equipment to buy food is an unavoidable cost of franchisees. In order to ensure the taste of food, ingredients can not be cheap, production equipment related to the safety of production and so on, can not be cheap, but you can discuss the price, the franchisee must have a ruler.

6, in the process of management of labor costs and fees management is not only a person can join in business, shopping, customer service, cashier and so on are need to hire the appropriate personnel, so we should pay a salary to retain talent. In addition, the business process more or less will have utilities, also need to be taken into account, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the store.

hope that through the above for the western restaurant venture capital needs a lot of money can be a simple introduction to give you some help, so that entrepreneurs in mind for their upcoming entrepreneurial projects can be >

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