What conditions need to join Mr noodle

opened a noodle shop how could you miss such a good Mr project? How to face Mr. noodle? Mr. noodles combined with traditional noodle technology, to create a classic restaurant franchise brand, Mr. face to join the investment when the boss is not a problem to make money!


joined the noodle shop what conditions:

a, integrity. The franchisee has a good business reputation and business reputation in the local, even if there is no company beside the urge but also to comply with the law and the relevant rules and regulations, not only verbal recognition of enterprise culture and management philosophy, the staff should have the professionalism and quality of service.

two, an independent legal personality. Join the person has the legal personality of the enterprise, must be approved by the trade and Industry Bureau, in order to ensure that there is a problem in the cooperation of law protection. Must also understand the nature of the product, to know the company’s corporate culture, to achieve a completely transparent state, a more comprehensive sales network.

three, excellent sales team. Franchisee to have a high-quality marketing team, and improve after-sales service personnel protection and loyalty of the management team. Can do to actively cooperate with the company unified market operation, accept the headquarters management and guidance, can not have exclusive practice.

four, receive training. Franchisee can actively cooperate with the company to carry out training, in accordance with the company’s training class capacity strictly enforced, do not arbitrarily reduce prices, affect brand honor thing. A three month trial period at the beginning, only can to the requirements of the company sales.

invested in a noodle shop, want to join Mr, seize the time to join the investment Mr, Mr

deserve to realize their dreams!

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