Poverty alleviation in Zigong family farm

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the economy of many regions of our country has been greatly developed, but there are still many backward areas in the

. How to effectively solve the local poverty situation, effectively promote the local economic development, the people and the government has become more concerned about! So, in what way does Zigong take measures to get rid of poverty?

(1) featured objects. Organization of 113 agricultural science and technology personnel in the city’s poor villages in the 113, find out the basic situation of poor villages, and to guide the establishment of poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation program. According to the poverty alleviation of poverty, the basis of the development of the industry and other conditions, accurate screening of 145 poor households to create a family farm.

(2) policy support. The introduction of special support policy, arrange 30 million yuan of special funds in the municipal agricultural development, family farms and other new business entities to support the development of poor households, give priority to lead the family farm, to meet the conditions of the family farm subsidies 10 thousand yuan / home on the family farm, new transfer 50 acres of land above the development of characteristic agriculture by 5000 yuan every 50 acres of standard subsidies; integration of aquatic Baozeng project funds amounted to about 13000000 yuan, to support family farms improve farming, agricultural operations, agricultural products (000061, stock it) the processing and storage infrastructure.

(3) innovative business model. In order to implement the 1 million pig industry ecological circular economy and comprehensive food processing projects and 35 million broilers integration project, guide farmer cooperatives, agricultural industrialization leading enterprises and poor households to establish "farm cooperatives + family farm", "leading enterprises + family farm" and other forms of interests are closely linked business model and reduce the risk of development, stable income expectations.

(4) strengthening technical support. Mobilization of the city’s agricultural technical personnel and management cadres and family farms, the knot pairs, to carry out prenatal, postpartum, postpartum service. Currently has a total of villages and households to carry out training and guidance to more than 2.1 people, the application of agricultural technology promotion rate reached 84.1%, completed 80 thousand acres of modern agricultural industrial base.

out of poverty in the road, facing a number of poverty-stricken areas, the task of the government is go15! In Zigong to solve the poverty problem, combined with the local economic development characteristics effectively, give full play to the advantages of local agriculture, actively develop the family farm, expect to be able to effectively promote the development of local economy.

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