Zhejiang Gongshang University will set up Entrepreneurship Management micro professional

universal entrepreneurship education is urgent, China will strengthen the entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities from 2016. At present, the Ministry of education has issued a notice requiring colleges and universities to set up an innovation and entrepreneurship education courses from next year, and into the credit management.

it is reported that the micro entrepreneurial management majors are setting up "4211" curriculum module. Among them, the core curriculum module 4 credits, including lean business practices, project analysis and business plan, communication and negotiation of financial management, business enterprise 4 courses; curriculum modules 2 credits, including the Internet thinking and Internet financial business, 2 courses; 1 credits of entrepreneurial salon, mainly is the business case to share and exchange; entrepreneurial practice module 1 credits, through entrepreneurship simulation, entrepreneurship competition or business learning test.

Xiang Yiming, associate professor of the school of information

"the curriculum system covers the necessary business basic knowledge and skills. In addition to the ‘Internet Banking’ is to cooperate with China UnionPay payment institute development, the other outstanding teachers in the school on the basis of a large number of practical research." Jiang Xin, vice president of the school of business administration and entrepreneurship college, students can also choose part of the micro professional, with the credits to replace its first professional credits. In addition, micro professional with small scale restricted form (SPOC) online course teaching, can achieve cross registration, "and different"   interaction.

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