Rural retail customers can also rely on modern technology to boost marketing

is now a lot of rural shops simply do not have any modern science and technology equipment, the key is that many of the owners of the idea behind, not willing to update the equipment. In fact, modern technology is changing people’s lives. As a commodity marketing, the use of modern technology to implement marketing has become a reality, such as online shopping, online ordering, online distribution etc.. And these are restricted by the economic conditions of rural retail customers, it seems some distant. In fact, some of our rural retail customers are also using modern technology to implement marketing, boost marketing, but also achieved good results.

is located in the village of Hekou, Yima City, is a natural village with a few hundred people. There is no industrial and mining enterprises, most of the villagers living by farming. Of course, farming also cannot do without science and technology. However, due to the poor economic situation, the villagers in addition to the usual can learn from TV and culture to some village courtyard planting technology, there is no other way of learning. For this phenomenon, the villagers have been accustomed to not accustomed to, and a cigarette retail customers the village Liu has seen the opportunities.

due to some farmers’ economic condition is not good, rarely willing to learn to spend money to buy books or DVDs of agricultural knowledge. To this end, Liu invested thousands of yuan to purchase a set of projection equipment, as long as the weather is rain, snow, every night he would stick to the shop door to the villagers play movies, entertainment film, also has agricultural scientific knowledge of the film, there is more emphasis on planting technology and breeding technology the processing of agricultural products and knowledge etc..

These are the

DVD he devoted to rent, every piece of 0.5 yuan. Although these need some cost, but for him to win the contacts, to increase the popularity of the store. In time, most of the villagers would gather in his shop door, or chatting, or playing cards entertainment; when busy, the villagers as long as the goods demand, will go to the store to buy his. Shop business is booming, this is a village with two other retail clients do not think.

only with the times, can really from the consumer’s point of view, can provide a better service, which is more consumer recognition. In order to better retain the "customer", last year, Liu Mouyou bought a computer, as long as the villagers in planting technology problems, he can access at any time for all queries, and patiently answered not to mind taking the trouble. This approach not only improves the grade of their shop shop brand, publicity, and give farmers bring tangible benefits, highlighting their benefits brought Everfount have a unique style, and a better reputation for shops.

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