Entrepreneurial enthusiasm suffered capital winter

to select the 2015 most popular words, entrepreneurship, the word must be able to occupy the forefront in the rankings. But behind the surging entrepreneurial enthusiasm, the development of entrepreneurial market and not so hot. The entire capital market is entering a winter.

10 the end of the month, a speech Saif fund founding chief partner Yan Yan in like a raging fire in the development of national entrepreneurship era dropped a bombshell. Yan Yan is tall on behalf of professional investors. Yan Yan as the investment community Godfather figure, has been a strong reputation, he has become a "school" and "professional investors sent" a series of dazzling Title: Princeton University international political economics, the world bank researcher, Peking University social and economic science, Nanjing Institute of Aeronautics…… After 20 years of investment circle almost win record, is to make people have to be convinced, he invested in the star company, Shanda, CNOOC, China etc..


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