The world’s ten major brands of hot pot

open a Hot pot shop means you have to do as a senior people Hot pot ready, as the saying goes: the enemy can ever victorious, small Hot pot can play a big charm, you know what are the characteristics of the world Hot pot?

1, India features hot pot


of the country’s most famous Hot pot is the "curry Hot pot" is a native of curry seasoning, some leaves, coconut powder and spices, boiled things head, shrimp, chicken and beef, pot for juice as Rice noodles, sucking juice taste.

2, North Korea characteristics of hot pot

The country’s

characteristics in pickled white fat Hot pot "is the standard of thermal power plant with charcoal cooking, soup for sea cucumber soup. China’s sauerkraut and brine in winter, dry filter marinades, with white fat meat is cooked pork slice or steamed again after the removal of greasy, eat with blood sausage, clams, the characteristic of the Korean Hot pot to eat as compared to the original, but it tastes very much the refreshing.

3, South Korea characteristics of hot pot

features of the country’s most traditional Hot pot will be "stone Hot pot", a "hot dead attractiveness of the Korean style. In this Hot pot is placed at the bottom of the full of chili oil and chili powder and other spices. Covered with meat and chicken manure, can eat hot sweat, tears, really is "spicy, happy dead".


, Thailand features Hot pot Bingtan

Thailand is located in the tropics, the temperature in Bangkok is usually 33 degrees Celsius, especially in 4~6 months, the weather is hot, and the streets are common "hot pot" shop. Hot days, there are many people around a stove to eat "Hot pot". I saw a plate of beef, mutton, fish balls, fish, squid, tofu, lettuce, full of fans, people with spicy sauce to eat, eat, do not feel hot, this is air conditioning, causes the restaurant temperature maintained at 10 degrees under C. Thai people in more formal dinners, like to use "Hot pot", this is the hobby, while eating while drinking "Hot pot" and "Iced Tea" cold snacks, said it was "Bingtan combination", and as a treat, do not have a taste.

5, Japan’s specialty hot pot – paper pot

this is the last two years in Japan, a new kind of hot pot, its use is very simple, people in tourism, travel and leisure time can taste. This new paper Hot pot leakage does not burn, ingredients and soup with special characteristics Hot pot Japan paper packaging. In this kind of chafing dish, it can be eaten after adding water, and its flavor

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