Poppy seedlings while eating the food plant an arrested is also illegal

to the family and their own health and safety, we must stay away from drugs, poppy is not touch. There is a woman who can care to poppy seedlings in Dongming, is a poppy seedlings while eating the food detained, want it to give more people a warning.


Poppy seedlings cooking is not only delicious and health care function

3 30, 9 pm, Dongming County Public Security Bureau police station in the village of Lu Quan Li Jia Yuan area outside the wall is found to have poppy seedlings, then went to the hospital to find the hospital inventory, there are large tracts of poppy seedlings. In the local village committee of the witness, the police on the spot to eradicate poppy seedlings of 2275 tree seedlings, the seedling height of about 18 cm, only about 6 cm high.

after interrogation that, on the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the hospital owner Lee from her mother-in-law (deceased) for three poppy fruit, sow the seeds in the room on the west side of the land, after seed germination, the seedlings into the courtyard and the outer wall at the root. Lee said the purpose of the plant is to hear poppy seedlings not only delicious but also health care. Currently, Lee has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.


in private, poppy seedlings and medicinal value of people is to expand the masses have led to erroneous, planting. Poppy is the raw plant extract of heroin, cocaine and marijuana, and said the original plant three drugs, according to the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" article 351st, illegal cultivation of original plant poppy, marijuana and other drugs, shall be forced to uproot them, are of the following circumstances, five years imprisonment, criminal detention or control fine,: (a) poppy five hundred less than a relatively large number of three thousand strains or other narcotic plants; (two) by the public security organ after planting; (three) the eradication of resistance. Those who illegally grow three thousand or more of the original plants of opium poppy shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years and shall also be fined or have their property confiscated.


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