Do business should be appropriate to give customers a petty

is now doing business is not simply waiting for customers, we have only their own initiative, will let the store back to the number of more and more, so that the store’s business to a greater degree of protection. The various methods of the initiative, to give the customer some petty is undoubtedly very can be a method of it.

sometimes in business, retail users according to different customer needs, appropriately petty, often can take to draw people’s minds, buy the people, will let Gu moved, happy, and even some will remember forever. As a result, some of these customers become repeat customers, becoming a stable customer is a natural thing. Is the so-called "petty, through customer."


small retailers Xia Wei said: "retailers operating in the brain to be flexible and open-minded. Be good at, for those who love to bargain, cheap customers, we should be willing to, I usually have special love to do retail. For example, in the case of profit permission, drop point price and how? Or in the settlement account and give a fraction of a few dollars, perhaps will let customers a warm heart; and methods appropriate to give small gifts is a good over the.

as a customer to buy cigarettes, easily with a lighter and why? There are those with children’s customers, we send a few candy or small toys to children in a timely manner, perhaps this is not an adult to send back to the consumer shop. In fact, sometimes willing to give generously to retail customers, in fact, is a very good strategy to move customers.

to send the value is not large, is the so-called ‘ceremony light affection heavy’ is the truth. Customers are mostly sensible, in the face of our petty heart can feel. Of course, our delivery, to vary from person to person, to be appropriate, otherwise it will have a negative impact, we need a reasonable grasp."

Although the value of

is not big, but it can leave a very good impression in the minds of customers. After all, the same is the purchase of goods, where you can get such an added value of goods, which is very attractive for customers, the number of repeat customers will naturally increase. So, if it is to invest in business, but also need to give the appropriate number of customers.

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