Shop operators need to do safety management

because of a temporary check, leading to the outbreak of the security incidents shop, and some are caused by a lot of property losses, while others will have serious personal safety incidents. So, do a good job shop management, also need to pay attention to safety management. And some people through the place, there will be security risks. So safety management has become the primary concern of all walks of life, our retail stores are no exception.

we have a supermarket near the shop because of the marble shop, it seems to be the atmosphere, clean and refreshing, but to the rainy days, there is often a customer slipping and passing. To the supermarket owner did not seriously, when there was an old man in her supermarket door slip and cause the leg bones broken, the old man’s son of the supermarket owner reported to the legal department, all medical expenses and compensation for loss of working time, the boss did not know a mistake. Then know to take measures to buy a non slip mat shop in the supermarket door.

last winter, also a supermarket boss at night because of anxious friends at the party work forget unplug the heater plug. She just left the shop soon, there is thick ash from outside, found next to the neighbors called 119, and promptly call the owner himself. When the shopkeeper to open the store, found that all the goods are turned into dust, heavy losses. The original is the owner after leaving the shop, forgot to pull the plug heater, mouse saw the shelves to store flammable fire off to warmer. It can be seen from the two real things that safety management is particularly important.

we usually do business in every corner of the shop layout of the goods, the goods should be placed to take into account the safety of the first. Small customers to buy things, the head is not high smoke counters, coupled with the child did not guard against consciousness, a little careless, the head will hit the corner of the counter. So we can put in the cigarette counter next to several boxes of milk or juice, can display of goods, and to keep the kids around the counter and hit her head.

a few days ago I will be a basket just in the egg to the milk, courier goods when picked up a box of milk, milk suddenly put off, slide into the egg case of milk box, a basket of egg arrived to blow up a half. It can be seen that the presence of the goods there are security and rationalization. To this end, we have to consider a variety of factors, not only for human safety, but also to ensure the safety of goods.

shop management process has a lot of detail, we have to do a good job of the details of the work, to be able to make their own business has a more likely. In short, in our usual business, at any time to find the problem, at any time to solve, rather than wait until things happen to know to take measures, which will cause unnecessary losses.

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