What are the problems that plagued the graduates

is another year of graduation season, with so many people graduate, we have to question how to go to business, is still not suitable for entrepreneurship? Let’s see how our graduates are plagued by problems.

"Yangaoshoudi, overall evaluation of today have neither learning nor skill" of university graduates most employers, this is not a simple prejudice, but a phenomenon: no experience but lack the ability to rely on wild speculations, but no fear. Visible, a high degree of education on behalf of the ability of the vicious circle has been broken, once a college diploma is a magic weapon has knocked out the door. After many hopes become hopeless, more and more college graduates began to change their thinking, to adapt to the needs of the development of the times to start a business, the idea is very good, but the road is full of thorns.

employment or business?

with students’ entrepreneurial force the growing group of college graduates should start the controversy has continued.

in the entrepreneurial environment and policies continue to tilt the excellent college students under the social background, resulting in some difficult employment of college students will join the venture, in the fierce competition also disrupted the market, behind the successful case, more is on the road of business to raise these luxury and privilege accustomed to graduates complain incessantly, entrepreneurship test failure. Here is a question worth pondering for college graduates

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