Opera supplies more and more business monopoly

is not only Chinese, opera in the world are now very fire, many foreigners rushed to the China is to learn opera, so that a variety of opera activities is more and more popular, so do the drama activities business monopoly, must be more and more popular.


2008 national "NPC and CPPCC" hot "opera into the classroom", put forward opinions and suggestions on behalf of members such as Mei Baojiu, in the hope that "Peking Opera, opera creation course of local opera supplement", to the promotion of primary and secondary schools.

With the increase of

shop features

investment income

investment runs a shop, early into the shop, including rent about 120 thousand yuan. Opera supplies store sales of opera souvenirs, handicrafts priced at 10 ~ 300 yuan / piece. Custom drama performances, the price of the stage supplies in 200 ~ 3000 yuan / piece (including processing fees). Gross margin of all products are more than 80%, which is higher than the gross profit of custom products.

operational recommendations

1, opera supplies store location is very important, it is recommended to choose the teahouse or art colleges and universities are relatively concentrated place, you can also choose to operate around the tourist attractions. In 2, the main customer groups of opera supplies stores for opera lovers, it is recommended to take membership promotion. 3, many varieties of business. Suggestions can also operate art supplies, such as Allegro etc..

current students of Peking Opera activities of consumer demand is only just emerging, with the improvement and popularization of opera courses, not only is the Peking Opera supplies purchase and lease will rise, including Peking Opera teaching training, Peking opera market, the whole industry chain will show more and more business opportunities.


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