Which cities in China are most suitable for Entrepreneurship

in recent years, we have a lot of friends around the choice of entrepreneurship, this venture has continued to heat up until now, and will continue to heat up, then in China, which is the most suitable for entrepreneurship?

"Yangtze River Delta" economic circle of

2010 Shanghai World Expo

Shanghai won the right to host the 2010 World Expo, will have a positive impact on the long-term development of the China and Shanghai economy, technology and culture etc.. According to the estimation of the Sun Gang Committee China trade promotion exhibition department vice minister, held in World Expo in 2010, Shanghai will bring $3 billion of direct investment, indirect investment and 15 billion to $30 billion; a large number of infrastructure construction and a 6 month extension, will give Shanghai the real estate industry, tourism, transportation, commerce, the information industry has brought many business opportunities.

Shanghai city business –

business advantage

1, unlimited business opportunities. Shanghai has always been a hotly contested spot business, is the true meaning of the "mall". Here the accumulation of "more than and 200 world 500 strong enterprises", is the focus of global investment; here is the first choice of international business activities, such as the APEC meeting, the "fortune" forum; the residents here have a strong consumption capacity, in 2003 the city residents per capita disposable income reached 14867 yuan, in the top of the whole country;   2010 held in World Expo, will bring huge investment 150~300 billion dollars.

2, superior entrepreneurial environment. Shanghai East China Sea on the East, south of Hangzhou Bay, convenient transportation, vast hinterland, with superior geographical environment. Shanghai is a city of immigrants, with all rivers run into sea momentum, coupled with the mature business culture, fast efficiency and good security environment, make Shanghai become the wind > entrepreneurs "

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