The availability of supply to meet customers’ needs to store in hot season

in the coming season, how to grasp the busy season, so that the shop’s products sell hot, which has become a lot of shopkeepers are thinking about the problem. In fact, if the availability of supply, to meet the needs of more customers, will be able to get the shop even in the peak can also be prosperous. Now, let’s see how I operate in the peak season.

My shop is located in the intersection of

County, a crossroads of two streets, can produce a "corner effect", when I selected location is the use value of the favorable conditions, because it is the intersection of two streets, so they will have more customers to patronize. Last November, I shop near the low rent housing completion launch, there are more than and 300 households in low income households. Tourists increased, but there are two small supermarkets around the opening, the competition between the shops is also more intense. I’m going to open a shop window on the west side of the shop, to increase the area of the display of goods, but also to make the past more clearly see the goods in the shop.

window as a window shop, I also want to look carefully arranged, I want the most attractive cigarette products will be placed in this position, the new purchase of several new products such as "Taishan cigarette (green), diamond (flat blue fashion), Yellow Crane Tower (hard world building)" packaging, beautiful, noble and elegant, is very attractive to the eye, I put them in a neat and orderly placed in the window, not only to play the role of publicity and promotion, but also let the customer according to the different demand for easy access.

near my shop less than 100 meters, there is a world of Yonghe square, summer evening, many adults and children will gather on the square, they play poker, chess, billiards, jump square dance, usually only play to ten pm or so away, they are tired, thirsty all my love, to the store to buy cigarettes, buy a drink, they bring together every age people have, so, in my store and purchase of cigarette varieties the number should be increased, the availability of supply, to meet different consumer needs of different customers.

living in low rent housing tenants are laid-off workers and migrant workers, their consumption level is not high, the cigarette consumption level is in 10 yuan to 30 yuan per box, due to the recent real estate brand cigarette we often out of stock, I often watched the customer leave to another consumer. In the new business on the web, I noticed that the full Shandong production of "Taishan" brand of cigarette supply, the cigarette specifications from 5-6 yuan to 50-60 yuan a cigarette. So I decided to put the "Taishan" brand cigarettes as the main brand store sales. Once again, I bought several "Taishan" series of cigarettes.

"Taishan" cigarette is not only famous, but the packaging is exquisite, chic, taste is also good, there are customers to the store to buy cigarettes, I actively recommend to them. "Taishan (show)" series, quality >

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