f you want to control others learn to control yourself

is a successful people need to learn to control their emotions, even a person can not control themselves, and how to control them? We always encounter such things in life, then, we must learn to control their own.

1 to calm

in your life fall into the trough, beside you all to tell you: to be strong, but also to be happy. It is absolutely necessary to be strong, but happy? In this case, I’m afraid it’s too hard for you. After all, who can in the fall head broken and bleeding also feel happy? But at least it can be calm. Look at the matter calmly, calmly deal with the other things to deal with. Calm, no happiness, no happiness.

2 learn to silence

4 learn to bend over, this is my windfall

and others divergent views on the place, causing a very verbal conflict, so you feel depressed, because you think others are malicious. Don’t brood on the home to clean the floor. Carry a piece of cloth, bent down, knees and put in front of you in every corner of the floor and clean. And then think again of that conflict, every word that I say. Now, you find yourself actually have wrong place, isn’t it? You are in a calm mood, isn’t it? Sometimes you have to learn to bend over, because this action can make you humble. At the same time, you polish your mind. Besides, you have a clean floor. This is your second harvest.

if you don’t want to


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