How to store cigars

whether it is a cigarette operator, or a senior smoker, we need to understand the storage method of cigarettes. Moreover, different cigarette products, storage will be different. So, how to store cigars? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce some methods for you. If it is smokers, may wish to learn about. If you are a cigarette operator, you can teach your customers, so as to create more loyal customers shop.

1) the best way to keep a cigar

according to the purchase price of cigar, if the number of cigars exceeds the amount you spend in 1-2 days, you must find a suitable storage environment for your cigar, otherwise, you will invest in cigar dashuipiao: dry, tasteless, no smoking. The best way to store it is to put the cigar in a container that can keep the temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and keep the humidity at a level of 72. Of course, the most convenient way is to buy a wooden box with a humidifier, moisturizing.

2) the most suitable cigar preservation temperature

18-21° C was found to be ideal for cigar preservation temperature. Less than 12° C, cigar ripening in expectation will be weakened, so Wine cold storage cellar is only suitable for several types of cigar co.. The worst is the high temperature, if higher than 24° C will cause the emergence of tobacco insects, but also may cause cigar corruption. To ensure that the moisture box to prevent direct sunlight.

3) breathe fresh air

in order to regularly provide a fresh air to a well placed moisture box, it is recommended to open at least two times a moisturizing box.

4) cigar storage for the longest time

if stored in a moisture box, as long as the relative humidity is kept constant between 65-75%, and the constant supply of fresh air, then there is no time limit to save the theory of cigars. High quality handmade cigars are preserved for many years, and can remain unchanged.

5) cigar "marriage"

cigar will absorb the smell in the surrounding environment. As a result, not only does the cigar absorb the smell of the inner lining of the moisture box, it also absorbs the smell of other cigars stored in the same moisture box. Moisture box is usually equipped with a split box, in order to minimize the cigar flavor. However, to completely solve the problem of cigar string flavor, it is necessary to keep the cigars in accordance with the brand to be kept in a different moisture box, or a drawer in the moisture box, so that the cigar can be maintained authentic.

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