After 90 micro business into a typical representative

now society, whether it is some network business, or some of the WeChat business, are very popular, especially now the WeChat marketing business in the market is very popular, then we have to say that 90 students taking micro entrepreneurial success stories.

is a magic weapon: dare to tryThe first time

heavy metal strip

"in addition to access to the brand and the company information, I also see the quality inspection report," in collected some information about the brand, try holding the idea, she started to do part-time the brand skincare agent micro business, start from the most basic sales.

has just started to do micro business days, the commodity bubble because every scraper, No one shows any interest in, she was even asked the friend is not a lie.

"the first principal is asking a friend to borrow tens of thousands of dollars, so a lot of pressure at home goods sold, very anxious." Bubble said, then no way, first to send some to others to try."

bubble has a book and record each user’s time and mask the use of feelings, on time every day to remind them to use the mask, "hope to intimate, professional services, allowing customers to experience the product effect." She also insisted that the electricity supplier to ask how to organize the organization of the language, edit pictures sent circle of friends. Slowly, sales have improved, half a month later, with the first single.

Magic three: hard

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