How to open a deli location

is now the pace of people’s lives in constant speed, also let the people’s diet has undergone great changes, also let the catering industry development is very good, a lot of people eat food is a delicacy, so popular and high demand in the market, if the financial strength, rich to open a Deli is good. Now there are many small entrepreneurs interested in it, then the next look at how to open a small shop with a small shop how to choose it!

how do you shop? Importance of site selection

cooked food store location, the importance of performance in two points. First, long-term. Ready to operate the cooked food franchise, whether purchased or leased, there will be a lot of capital investment. Therefore, the site has the characteristics of long-term and fixed. Two is an important basis for market positioning. The locations of the target set by the operator selection decisions, formulate the corresponding marketing means, the production of marketable products.

how do you shop? General principles of site selection

(1) foresight principle. The location of open shop must be based on urban construction planning. Some shops in the nearby traffic, temporarily looks good, but it may also turn cold by heat. To achieve accurate location, it is necessary to seriously study the situation around the location of the shopping district, if necessary, consult the relevant government departments.

(2) stores due to the principle of the system. The size of the store has a large and small businesses, a large difference in returns. The size of the store determines the location of the store.

how do you shop? Location

(1) bustling commercial street. The location of this land, but this position is not easy, even with high prices, too embarrassing. Accurate calculation of viable profit. If you determine a higher profit, even if there is a certain risk should be determined to rent, high investment and high returns are proportional to the principle. High rents are formed in the long-term business activities, the price of the average value of the market around. The key is whether the operator can afford, do well Golden Port business.

(2) population flow big traffic. Bus stations, subway stations, shipping, air stations are places where there is a lot of traffic. Large traffic, is one of the necessary conditions for business success.

Entrance to

(3) large community. Now the large community has gradually improved, become a separate social life area, a variety of functions is very complete, showing a home with the store business trends. Some well-known brands of products to expand the community. Choose the community population density, good position of commercial and civil building the first room cooked stores shop, benefits are good.


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