2015 entrepreneurial projects the rapid development of female luggage store

The rapid development of contemporary female consumers

economy, rising economic strength, keen to buy high-end women bags, women bags and therefore the market potential, worth entrepreneurs to the mining industry "money".

investment advice

1, a limited purchase bags: to pay attention to keeping the goods characteristics, women now want their bag or handbag is the one and only, so at the time of purchase should consciously limit the number of each style, and keep the update speed of styles.

2, luggage pricing management: if you do not want to be bound by the store, you can implement the pricing of goods management. Goods will be implemented without bargaining twenty percent off sales, you can rest assured that the goods will be handed over to staff management. However, the price should pay attention to reasonable price.

3, to the customer to be enthusiastic, even if you do not buy a good greeting. Because the girls do not buy packages are looked again, do not buy on the spot, a few days after mature consideration was determined to purchase himself.

4, according to the needs of the target customer base to select goods, such as the work package is subject to occupation restrictions, requiring size specifications, the appearance should be simple and natural but not too serious. Hot weather in the south, light colored bags are more popular with women.

now women bags have become a part of female decoration, so women bags shop business is good. So the potential of the market must be good mining, but also can not find the right direction for the investment of friends may wish to try to start from the industry.


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