Senshen remember how fish

today is our main force Chinese society by the gang of 80, 90, as a new generation of young people, the fashion trend has been our constant pursuit, to grasp the characteristics of consumer groups, consumer market in many industries have struggled to meet consumer demand, even the delicacy is no exception, from baked durian the fried ice cream, to attract a new generation of consumers, a variety of creative delicacy can emerge in an endless stream. Recently senshen remember roast fish fire crystal fish is a stark example.

fish, I believe we eat much, but you will not believe crystal fish tried appliances senshen remember crystal fish breakthrough abandoned fish commonly used thousands of law a copper pot iron as fish dishes, using the crystal plate made of natural crystal. Sparkling dishes, plus delicious fish, this combination is definitely the sun circle of friends a choice rare delicacy, this unique novel appearance, no doubt quickly attracted new hobby food 80, 90. The high temperature of 800 degrees centigrade, "stewed, roasted, can let you can rinse! In the fish and can achieve a variety of purposes, worthy of the name" seen and reuse". Fish can beauty care, this is a marketing gimmick in the public opinion, but to remember senshen crystal fish, this is precisely one of his big selling point. Trace elements in the human body is rich in a variety of natural crystal crystal disc make required, in the process of heating the ingredients, these trace elements can seep into the food, and the body into. Eat a fish can eat healthy beauty, the new generation of consumers and how can you miss.

of course, do the catering industry, rely on gimmicks to attract consumers is undoubtedly a "goose" type of marketing means, the most important thing is the product itself able to attract consumers to consumer, simply speaking, is the restaurant to eat delicacy. Senshen recorded 7 new flavor roast fish founder, after years of research and study, which is a big killer fish crystal. General fish restaurant, fish taste repeated and monotonous, the ingredients and taste the strict control, which directly leads to the attractiveness and the quality decline in fish line. Different from the general fish shop taste is spicy, spicy and monotonous taste in senshen fish shop, you can enjoy the taste of black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce flavor, chicken flavor, Laoganma flavor fish, senshen crystal fish remember exquisite is different ingredients to mix the burst of new the spark, firmly attracted your taste buds, the love for the pursuit of new flavors of 80,90, is a natural and can not resist the temptation of.

80, 90 has become the mainstay of food consumption market, and consumer psychology they "novelty" has been the mainstream. There is market demand, it is driving this consumer psychology, major businesses only constantly, in order to ensure not to be "shot dead after the waves on the beach, this has to a certain extent, promote the development of the market for innovative conscience, beauty.

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